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You own your fashion style so it is better for you to look after how are you slaying yourself as the show stopper so that it can become a style statement. We as children often like to experiment and love to show off to our friends. Sometimes, we tease each other for fun claiming that one has a better fashion sense and the other one is a cartoon. Keen interest in exaggerating style and fashion begin as a child when we are conscious enough to look at our surroundings and start adopting them.

When a child observes his family members than he starts adopting their habits. A child observes his mother doing makeup, whenever that child founds his mother’s makeup kit then he starts applying makeup on himself and makes everything untidy. He sees his father counting money, driving, and speaking loud then he will do the same thing with his mother whenever she will request him to eat, sleep or study. He tries to take his Grandparent’s walking stick and start behaving like his own Grandparents. Overall, as a kid, he is trying to adopt all the style statements which he is observing as a kid.

You will notice unique skills as your child grows. You will come across many new and exciting abilities that your child develops. Children grow at a different pattern and sometimes this growth can be either fast or slow.

Children are generally perceived to enchant the same code of conduct at grooming age. It is judged by the way they feel comfortable in their lives. But this perception is not entirely correct.  We often characterize kids as cute, obese, active, proactive, hyperactive, innocent, etc. So, these become a perceived style statement of children by the people. But is it actually the same as taken? Have a look:

Cute Child
Cute Child
  • Cute- A child is cute when he giggles, waves and shake hands with everyone he meets. The aunty’s complement in their own ways, “he is cute. He looks a few years elder to the boy who comes in Jonhson’s baby powder advertisement”. Another one may say that he is so cute that he can be a leader of those group of children who are shown in Kitkat advertisement.
  • Obese- Usually, obese children are often associated with cuteness. They are chubby, fat, and innocent (if they are quiet). So, there are so many traits attributed to an obese kid. But they are appreciated as long as they allow people to pull their cheeks otherwise they are teased for being fat.
  • Active- A child is active when he is always on his toes for the needs of his family and is mostly involved in sports or outdoor activities. He offers his part of help to everyone he meets.
  • Proactive- A proactive child is always over excited about his matters as well as of others. Though someone is not willing to involve him still he continues to show his proactiveness.

These are the general traits in children so we should not assume anything about them. When it comes to the style statement of a child. He is the most benefitted person at his home. Not only he is the one who becomes peculiar about his style to be presented outside but his family is always motivated to make him look best in style. Ultimately, they want a Smart child”.

Celebration among Children
Celebration among Children

Celebrities affecting Children styles-

Now, everyone is acquainted with style, fashion, smartphones, and the internet, so are children recommended the use of the internet. You must be wondering- How?

With the introduction of technologies in studies and classes, children study, use and play electronically. Most of the modern high schools and even the Government schools are using Powerpoint Presentations as a mode of study to avoid the dust of chalk and blackboard. School admissions are also available online. So, the common style statement for every child becomes “Modern”.

Celebrities are often considered as a source of encouragement for kids. Being a positive good example really requires exertion, anticipation, and restraint for general guardians. Since your kids are watching you all the time, your activities, convictions, and demeanors wind up incorporated into your child’s methods of living. Consequently, it is essential that you be deliberate about what practices you show for your child. Celebrities are often associated with child welfare activities. They try to associate their children with a cause as well.

Monitoring this enormous duty can urge you to better yourself: for instance, in the event, you don’t want to involve your kid then please don’t do it yourself as well. Involve yourself in some good activities which are good for you as a parent as well as for your children.

Celebrity Tattoos

What is more famous among girls are dolls and teddy bears. A girl defines her own style as a Princess because she keeps a good collection of Barbie Dolls. On the other hand, we have boys who are action heroes so they either prefer the gadgets of famous cartoons or their tattoos. They follow their tattoos tradition of Pokemon, Scooby-Doo, Chota Bheem, Doraemon, etc. Boys are more adventurous in nature so they intend to look for gadgets and try to portray themselves as strong boys.

Style statement speaks when it is owned and not borrowed. As a child or youth, carry your own style because children are considered as the most innocent creature on earth. An awesome style can make you feel unique.


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