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Your body language speaks top to toe when you walk the ramp. Personal style may be difficult to create and ready to go with. Once you are tagged in a styled pattern than it becomes difficult to change it. We never acknowledge style statement as beautiful or handsome, we accept the same as elegant, bold, clumsy, strong, and graceful.  You are always accompanied by your style the first impression gives the last impression.

Personal Peculiarities

  • A style statement is in some, or the other way influenced by external factors.
  • Clutter-free wardrobe- Clean almirah makes it easy for you to choose. Whenever you are in a hurry you can choose quickly from the options available for a suitable occasion.
  • Makeup Effects- The dressing and makeup do not matter when you are not carrying a perfect attitude along. A decent makeup matching a decent attitude can be compatible.
  • Body type- Your body type is also a point to be considered. Try to prefer clothes that compliment your body type. Little loose clothes are becoming trendy nowadays, this is not a bad choice to be comfortable as well as classy.
  • No matter what, overdoing your fashion is a blunder in your style statement. There should be a proper evaluation of the combination before you step out of your home.
  • Trust your gut feeling as it speaks loudly. If you are personally not satisfied with your own ideas or tips that are suggested to you by others because ultimately you are the one to carry the same not others.
A Business Man Style
A Business Man Style

What your style should include?

  • Clothes- What you wear matter the most. You can dash makeup but not a well define dress, shirt, T-shirt, and jeans. Ultimately, you cannot go out without your clothes but you can actually afford to go out with a no-makeup look or unshaved beard.
  • Footwear- The choice of footwear should be good. If you choose heels but not efficient enough to walk in heels, chances are that you may fall and it makes no style statement. Boys, don’t try heels in your shoes even if you are not comfortable. Instead, wear sports shoes and you’ll keep jumping.
  • Makeup- Unless and until you are not doing theatre avoid too much makeup. Bright makeup is used in theatre to give a more clear picture in front of the bright lights.
Style just like a model
Style just like a model
  • Pickup from every street- Always pick your clothes, accessories, and footwear from wherever you find something different and appreciating your look.
  • Surrounding- More often you need to dress as per your surrounding. You are intended to feel that your surrounding is not enabling you to slay your style. In this case, you start limiting yourself to the extent that you start dropping your own personality traits. But this should not happen as you will be degrading yourself.
  • Budget- Style can be easily showcased if it becomes your nature. This is also not true that if you are investing too much in order to maintain your style then that is Ok! because it is not.
A Camera perfect shot
A Camera perfect shot

An individual beautician prompts people on new design patterns, attire styles, hues, and make-up. An individual beautician isn’t to be mistaken for a closet beautician, who chooses the garments for distributed article highlights, print or TV publicizing efforts, music recordings, show exhibitions, and open appearances made by famous people and models. Individual beauticians normally work one-on-one with the customer, while Wardrobe Stylists are frequently part of a bigger imaginative group teaming up with a design originator, picture taker, workmanship executive, hairdresser, and cosmetics craftsman to assemble a specific look or topic for the particular undertaking.

Give your own style a quality that is followed by your friends and others around you as well. Your clothes, footwear, and accessories make a whole style for you. You can use the internet and follow the styles and clothing of everyone you can get through. The best way to gain insights is to get into the practical world of fashion and style.


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