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Fashion in a favored culture Fashion-style-and-popular-culture

How can you be good in fashion and style at the same time? We often come across these two terms- Style and Fashion in our daily lives. We are appreciated for either being stylish or for having a good fashion sense. You must have noticed in an event or a party when a group of friends among themselves discussing a girl that she is wearing a really fashionable dress (fashion dresses, fashion nova dresses) but she is feeling shy. She should have worn a comfortable dress instead.


Fashion is a favored culture by youth. It is about those materialistic things in which we want to see ourselves dressed in. Fashion is the current mode of expression in the form of a dress, style, speech. This is not stagnant as it keeps changing according to moods or new products in the market. Fashion can be easily borrowed from your surroundings.

A specific society, age, class, geography, demography or generation can have a different sense of fashion and they will adapt accordingly. Let’s suppose, if youths dress like their own Grandparent’s fashion, they may look ridiculous in the eyes of both young and older people. The terms fashionista is associated with those who slavishly follow the current fashion. If someone fits in the current mode of fashion then that person is called fashionable and if this does not happen then that person is labeled unfashionable. Fashion is taken in a good manner but if you adopt some weird fashion habits then the same turn into a blunder.

Fashion is giving itself a new definition because of modernity. Here, mood and mind change every second. Modern Westerners have a range of choices presented to them in the selection of their clothes and can easily choose to flaunt a style that reflects their personality. A fashion trend may start when people who have a high reputation and recognition in the society start to wear new or different clothes, and people who like or are attracted towards those fashions start wearing clothes of a similar style.

Sometimes you are forced by a shopkeeper to buy a particular dress just because it is in fashion as he keeps the stock that is common in fashion. What is better than having a wide range of choices available to you under various roofs. No matter which mall or shopping complex it is but you will definitely get your clothes according to the trend. If a shopkeeper is not going according to the trend than you may stop purchasing from him.

Beard can also make a trend
Beard can also make a trend

Trends Fashion Dresses

Trends makes it is easier to choose in comparison to choice. We always ask for the things in trend and not for those which are just gone out of trend. A trend is generally a hype when everyone has dressed accordingly to a fashion introduced by an unknown person. An interesting thing is that no one even bothers to know whether it is correct or not, all our fashionistas go with the flow. It is not sure whether youths are adopting a happy culture or not but they are surely following a fashion trend introduced by a designer. A trend is always uncertain and it may stop any time. If we as youths appreciate something to a great extent then those are us who play an equally predictable role that is, to criticize any time. So, in short, firstly predict the upcoming trends and then apply the same in your real life in order to avoid any problem in future. Try not to give up on the old fashion trends as it may come back any time in trend for example- Frock suits (Anarkali), Bell Bottom Jeans, Plazos, Dungarees, Long suits, Denim Jackets, Loose clothes, etc.


The way you flaunt yourself is your style. The Style is not a tentative look to be shared with anyone in a lease. A style is a way of presenting what all you have. It involves a steady growth in your personal skills and future endeavors. A style is an arrangement of our personal habits to portray them in reality. It is a manner by which a work is introduced through the voice of a creator. It is additionally similar as fundamental to a bit of work as a plot, setting, subjects, and characters. The mannerism will differ from person to person. Though you are too good in fashion and mannerism it will not show up unless and until you will not make an effort towards your personal welfare through a great style.

Style can never be borrowed as it develops from an inner instinct of mind. A way of styling comes from within.

  Keep culture intact with fashion
Keep culture intact with fashion


In the end, it is all your choice. What you want to do that you have to decide. Nothing is forced on you. It is your enthusiasm that speaks. If you are interested in improving your fashion habits and enhancing your style then only you can succeed. Choice is what that matters the most, you cannot jump into the conclusion without making a choice.


  • Behave unexpected– Don’t let others know what you have in your store. Please don’t try to combine two similar things as it may appear outdated.
  • Matching match- If you have thought of wearing matching colored clothes or the same type of clothes daily then please drop this idea. It is a valid idea until it is a dress, gown or suit.  It is actually too over to adopt.
  • Mix the ideas- Assimilate various ideas into a single idea as fashion and style mixed together will give great output.
  • Avoid Overdoing- Never to try to emphasize one thing too much else, you will land in blunders.
A beauty with simplicity

A beauty with simplicity

When fashion and style start complementing each other then this gives the best results out of your personality. By the way, it is better two have a match instead of keeping it single. Fashion and culture are neither too difficult to maintain simultaneously nor too boring to follow.


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