Mrugank Kher

I haven’t come this far to give up now.”
Mrugank Kher

Your journey in the field of social media has begun. How are you planning to take this forward in the entertainment industry?

Being in this field was never a part of the plan but I am enjoying this a lot, it feels great when people appreciate your work.

When was the first time you thought you are very much into photography?

During my year off, I was experimenting with a lot of things, I tried playing guitar and doing my course in photography, saw more opportunities in the field of Photography.

Do you feel the excitement with the new opportunities that are offered to you?

Firstly, this interview. I am glad that you approached me and being a chief guest for a couple of events.

‘The journey of a celebrity is always celebrated’- What is your view on this statement?

It’s true for me, in my opinion, it is the journey which makes or breaks a person.

We all had thrilling experiences in our lives. Share some of your photos shoot experiences and how it affected you as a person. Is your vision related to photography evolving?

A thrilling experience for me would be during shooting some Advertising Campaigns last year, Advertising Campaign generally takes two weeks’ time to execute but my team and I managed to pull that off in just three days, average 16 to 18 hrs working each day. I learn something new at each shoot.

What are the positivities that keep pinching you every day to create something good inside you and how do you deliver the same logically and creatively?

Honestly speaking there are some bad days in everyone’s life, ups and downs are part of the game, “I haven’t come this far to give up now.” Is my strength which keeps me going.

How do you see yourself as a professional and as a person?

As a person, I take days to reply on WhatsApp, but I reply to an email within a minute.

What kind of Dilemma have you faced so far?

Best result can be achieved at minimum expense.

‘Photography is expected to portray the real self of a person and it becomes a duty of a photographer to visualize beauty in a photograph’- Comment with a photographic point of view.

A misconception among new models or non-models is they only look good in one angle, anything which defines a person can be captured beautifully.

What are the formulas which you want to instill in the coming generation who think that photos and fashion are just good for selfies and the followings?

I would like to tell there’s much more than selfies, selfie undoubtedly is a trendsetter but sometimes you have been old school.

What is that habit in you that you want to withstand?

Checking my zippers before the shoot hahaha, just kidding, research before each shoot, try being humble with everyone and try to deliver images in committed time.

What are your skills and subjectivities that you feel can lead you in the race of being the next celebrity photographer?

My confidence and good communication skills.

What do you prefer- being a critic or a creator?

A little bit of both actually

It always seems impossible until it’s done’- What is your take on this statement?

That is my journey. From being in an Army school to being a Fashion Photographer.

How can you describe your excitement in one line?

Well.. when you sent me a message I was okay till the but when I saw the website and Facebook page of Next Celebrity my excitement level went from 0 to 1000%, not just 100%.


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