Mayank Sharma

“Happy mood is a way to Happy Career”
Mayank Sharma

Your journey in the field of social media has begun. How are you planning to take this forward in the entertainment industry?

Before Instagram, I started my TikTok which was musical. I used to entertain people a lot. The first thing which I want is people should know who I am, what kind of personality do I have. I want people to know that there is a Mayank Sharma in Punjab in India. So, I feel that I can make people laugh, make them smile so I started making videos on TikTok and yes people started knowing me after some time I stopped there. Ok! After that my friend said me to start blogging that you have a good face, a personality so I started this and more than my pictures people love my stories and all kind of expressive person. I actually entertain people. I don’t know the entertainment industry I’m going to but I always try to do acting as I am good at it and I try so I was thinking to do acting.

Do you feel the excitement with the new opportunities that are offered to you?

I always feel excited as every day I find something sought of new opportunity as I found it I try to make it good for me though and this can help me in my field. With the new opportunities, we get excited, for me as a person really get excited about this.

How did you feel when you got this interview opportunity?

Actually, I am feeling really good. I told my parents about this also and they were happy. You know it’s a new thing in the family, I am a blogger. Parents always say that you should become a doctor or some lawyer. My father is a lawyer and he also wants me as a lawyer too and I want that too but in this blogging thing, I’m really loving it by telling people about fashion. See I want to go more ahead in this field and in this interview, I’m was feeling freaking good as it is my first interview and I was so excited about this.

‘The journey of a celebrity is always celebrated’- What is your view on this statement?

The journey of a celebrity is Yes always celebrated. There are a lot of ups and downs or we can say more downs than ups. Only that celebrity knows what kind of barriers he goes through. Every time he is successful and he always enjoys that, he should not worry about the failures. We should enjoy that and celebrate the journey. The joy of success is not in our hands.

We all had thrilling experiences in our lives- What was yours and how do you think that it has changed your way of life? Is your vision evolving?

There was a lot of thrilling experience. I have also started my YouTube channel three to four years ago but I used to play games and I had a gaming channel. Unfortunately, I didn’t succeed in that. It made me feel somewhere that I should not do that and stop making the YouTube video and I shifted my focus to Instagram. It is a simple thing and human behavior that when you don’t get results and followers when you are doing a lot of things. These things let you down.

I was a good student though, not that perfect in studies but best. I would have been the Student Of the Year if this was a competition at my time. I was really good at drawing, athletics, and dance. I used to teach dance. There are a lot of things that people love especially my principle. One she told me that there are really fewer people like you Mayank and I am really happy that you are in our school. That moment….. I just can’t express that moment.

What are the positivities that keep pinching you every day to create something good inside you and how do you deliver the same logically and creatively?

My followers love my stories more than my posts because I express myself. I always make them laugh and smile. My motivation is that you should make someone smile in a day. I am telling you one of my experiences. Once I was really down because I was not getting followers or likes. I posted a story ‘Good night to all of you’ then there was one follower and he said that can I call you brother? I don’t have an elder brother and I said Yes! you can brother. He complimented me and said that I really like your stories as it makes me feel happy and smile every day so please post every day once in the morning, evening, and an afternoon too. I felt glad that people like the way I talk. You should not stop yourself from providing your content because there is an audience may be a niche who is waiting for the content that you have to offer.

How do you see yourself as a professional and as a person?

I always try to be real with the people even in my shoot circle so I can’t say that I am a different person either ways. I am really in my stories, posts, and everything.

What kind of Dilemma have you faced so far?

The biggest dilemma in my life was when I had to choose between modeling and blogging. Modeling was about to go to places, try them, and show that to people. My parents wanted to become a lawyer and yes I want to become a lawyer but I was in a big dilemma that should I go for modeling because I had various options. People always appreciated me as a model. They used to say that Indian people don’t usually have a face structure like this. I wanted to create a social media platform through blogging. Basically, I was confused between modeling and blogging.

If you are asked to recreate your fashion style and deliver a completely different message through it then what is the theme that you will choose to reach the audience?

First of all, I want to say that I choose comfortability The comfier you are the more you create your style. You should be creative. You should wear what you love, what makes you satisfied, in what you are comfortable. If people like formal then they can surely wear it. I am good at casual and prefer less formal thing. The more comfortable I am the more I love it. It should be attractive as well. You should wear what you like and enjoy the comfort of wearing your choice. The theme can be ‘comfortable is the new fashion’.

What do you think that today’s generation is lagging behind in- Motivation, determination or are they more involved in the lame discussions?

The young generation today is more concerned about what others are doing. They are not paying attention to their own personality and what they have. They are more into what things others have but they are not ready to look into their own intellect. They compare themselves with other people and this is the thing which makes them distressed and unhappy. They should look at themselves and then go ahead. I guess that they satisfy the third category, I.e., they are more into other matters.

What is that habit that you want to withstand?

I interact with people really well, especially with girls. They appreciate the way I treat them. You should be polite with girls more. I am always humble with my followers. So, it’s my habit.

Do you think that the entertainment industry needs to make some vital changes in fashion and style sector? Mention those changes.

Actually, I don’t know about this. I was thinking about this before but I was not getting any point that you should change. I have nothing to say about this.

What are the skills and subjectivities that you feel can lead you in the race of being the next celebrity?

The best thing which I have is the blog. The way I post, expression myself even in pictures. It is just not about our clothing, how do we present ourselves as a person equally matters. I try to be more expressive in my clothing, my real life and in posts also which can help me and lead me in the race of being the next celebrity. I don’t know if I can become the next celebrity but I am trying because I want to and who don’t want this? I just want people to know me like a celebrity and admire or criticize me whenever I am right or wrong. I am willing to connect with people through blogging. So, along with modeling, I would like to continue blogging. I think that I’m intellectually inclined.

According to you which generation is more inclined towards you?

Today’s generation of youth and kids but I won’t mind if the aged people or kids also like me.

‘’It always seems impossible until it’s done’- What is your take on this statement?

This is a nice question or a nice line though. It feels impossible. Yes, there is a word like impossible but it depends on you that you make that word possible. It is a big word. There is nothing impossible in this world. It depends on us how we take things. Usually, we show our back to the situations which we feel are impossible.

How can you describe your excitement in one line?

To be honest, I can’t. As I am a very expressive person, you can ask my family, friends, and followers. They can tell you the level of my excitement more precisely.


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