Suhail Malik
Suhail Malik

“Journey as a celebrity has to be full of hardships & perseverance has to keep you going.”
– Suhail Malik

You are already in the field of social media. Are you enjoying the attraction or waiting for more?

Obviously, it feels nice when people point you out in the crowd when people know you that’s the time I really enjoy the attraction. But it is a human tendency to anticipate for more.

So obviously, I’m looking forward to something bigger.

What are the things that make you look for something different and out of the box every day?

I don’t look forward to years, months or even weeks. I look forward to days. I keep goals for days. This makes me look for something different every day. I prefer working towards my goal every day. Even a little effort counts. I look around for things that fascinate me every day and try thinking out of the box in every situation.

How do you want to see your journey as a celebrity?

Everybody wants their journey to be a piece of cake. People want success without working for it. But obviously, it is not possible. Journey as a celebrity has to be full of hardships & perseverance has to keep you going. You need to get up every day with a determination.

Do you think the journey of a celebrity is always celebrated? Explain both in case of ’Yes’ or ‘No’.

It is not always celebrated as people only see the fame the person gets but little they do know about the struggle. A person has to bear the thorns with the rose.

How was your experience during your journey in Mr. North India 2017?

It was awesome. It was a completely different atmosphere and there was a new kind of excitement in me. It felt so good to walk down the ramp and face the judges. It was a whole new experience for me.

Define fashion according to your own vision.

Fashion is something that you follow according to the trend. You look up to top models & influencers and style their clothing in your own way to present to the people.

Share some of your roles in the fashion and as an influencer from the time you have entered in the field of entertainment.

I am currently the brand ambassador of Halifornia Apparel, Just Talk app, Clout connoisseur, and an influencer on Spoyl. I am the influencer and style the looks on my spoyl store. I have done ramp shows also.

According to you what kind of fashion works more in India and explain the reason behind it.

India is a diverse country. Different people opt for different styles. Most popular of them being casual, as it is easy to carry. It doesn’t look to extra or too shimmery.

Create a fashion theme of yours and depict it as a model.

I would like to choose the retro theme. In 1920s to early 1950s pants were wide leg and high waisted. We can wear the same pants with shirts or sports shirts. I look for shirts with wide collar and 1 or 2 collar pockets for the most vintage look and leave the top unbuttoned for a semi-casual statement. They need to be tugged in with simple leather belt or suspenders and people would prefer.

Also, pairing a very casual striped T-shirt, wide leg pants, belt, cap, and canvas boat shoes completes this summer look.

How would you like to see yourself as a professional and as a person?

As a professional, I would like to be completely devoted to my work. I would love to spread warmth & light & create growth persistently. On the other hand, as a person, I would like to be devoted to my family, friend, & my followers. I would prefer looking in people eyes rather than on phone screens.

Do you think that being a model or an actor makes you more liberal? What is your vision of India and how do you want to see it evolving for better?

Being a model or an actor is as much a job as an engineer or a doctor, the only difference being you love your job and don’t have to push yourself every day to work. You also work under people and have to give your 100% to your role.

Influencers and models are still not given due respect in India and their work is considered as a part-time.

People need to realize that the young generation is looking for new job opportunities out there.

What message are you willing to convey to your generation of models and actors?

I would like to tell them to focus on their dreams and ignore the people who push them back. Your success will automatically speak for you and shut up the pessimists.

It always seems impossible until it’s done’- What is your take on this statement?

Every success journey has many downfalls. People need to know that failure is not the opposite of success but a part of the journey. You need to keep working towards your goal with determination and every impossible soon changes to I’m possible.

How can you describe your mission and excitement in one line?

I want to face the camera every day as it brings out the inner me, & I’m very excited about this.


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