Siraj Thakur
Siraj Thakur

Sometimes what you seek is seeking you
– Siraj Thakur

You are already in the field of social media. Are you planning to take this forward in the entertainment industry as well?

Yes! I do have plans to take it forward in the entertainment industry. I have shifted to Pune. I am working in a fitness company (GetSetGo Fitness) as sales and operations head & also undergoing my internship for becoming a fitness coach. So, from Pune, I will take it forward to Mumbai definitely.

What are the things that make you look for something different and out of the box every day? The first thing that comes into my mind is my Almighty, MY MOTHER. She always supports me and has always been a motivation to me. She is my HERO. She has struggled and been victorious throughout her whole life. I lost my father when I was in my kindergarten and since then my mother is playing both the roles. She has never let me and my elder brother feel my father’s absence.

‘The journey of a celebrity is always celebrated’- What is your view on this statement? Personally, what I feel is that everybody looks into good things. What happens behind the wall or curtain nobody knows, what tough situations do celebrities go through or what are the shortcomings that one faces during the struggle or I would say learning phase. So, nobody celebrates his/her efforts or phase when he/she was struggling and burning the midnight oil. Everybody celebrates his/her success only.

Share some of your experiences during the initial stages of modeling.

It was my first Pageant and a big one. It was Mr. India Manhunt 2019. I was among the top 15 contestants. It was really a great experience. Yes, I did face some tough times also. We had gone to Rishikesh to shoot our portfolios. The location of the shoot was superb but the challenge was to put in at that place due to its tough living conditions; No mobile networks for two days, no market, lavatories were limited But that’s what makes you learn and turn into a person who never backs down. We lived in Tents and huts. That was fun too; made good friends, enjoyed a bonfire, were far from this fast-moving world. It was Peace and Nature everywhere. The whole journey was full of adventure, experiences, fun and I learned a lot of things that will help me to cope up with any situation whether good or bad. I got to meet many industry people, made links with various celebrity designers and casting directors.

What are the positives that keep pinching you every day to create something good inside you and how do you deliver the same logically and creatively?

I never had plans to get into this industry. Earlier, I was working as Assistant Sales Manager in an Automobile company. I am a mechanical engineer turned into a Model, Musician, and fitness professional. Seven years ago when I was in college I weighed around 90 kgs. I was bullied like every other person who’s on the heavier side. My only motive was to lose weight and did not even think that I will turn into a fitness professional. The people who used to bully me now seek tips from me to stay fit all year round. I left my first job because I was not able to enjoy myself and then I thought of trying to prepare for government jobs but after some time I got to know that it’s not my cup of tea even after being a performer in academics and left it too; And then GetSetGo Fitness came into my life, the company in which I work, sorry, I would rather say I

love to be in. After that life and my fate decided my path towards this industry, I appeared in auditions of Mr. India manhunt 2019, to know how it happens but I cleared all the rounds from top 100 men of India to top 15. I don’t know what motivates me or what pushes me into the industry but there is definitely a positive power which is opening paths for me one way or the other way; like they say “Sometimes what you seek is seeking you”.

How do you feel when you walk the ramp and during photo shoots? Tell us something about your first project.

I had my first photoshoot in Rishikesh itself. It is a very good feeling when you feel like a celebrity, the make-up artist, hair stylist, and a photographer is always looking after you, taking care of even very little things. You get a lot of exposure and feel like a celebrity. That projection of ramp lights on you fills you with never-ending confidence and positivity.

Create a fashion theme of your choice and depict it as a model.

Display yourself with various musical instruments like showcasing different genres and depicting the journey of music from that of Hindu mythological music and musical instruments to modern music/musical instruments. Showcasing the journey and history of Art & Music like “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”.

Do you feel liberal by your profession? What is your vision of India and how do you want to see it evolving for better?

When it comes to ramp walk then you are not liberal. Suppose you don’t want to wear something but you can’t even have your own say. It depends on time to time or situation to situation. If the costume designer is flexible enough then you can reach out to him/her. When I walked the ramp for Mehraab (brand by Arun Ahuja)on Mr. India Manhunt 2019, I got my costume changed and thanks to the wonderful Celebrity Designer Mr. Arun Ahuja that he was so helping, flexible and very motivating. Here, the thing was that he was all ears to me, But doesn’t mean it will be the same with every designer. Being liberal means you only are deciding everything for you, that is in a way not apt for this industry. You need to listen to the senior people because the experience is a big-time game changer; So, Respect everyone, do not seek for freedom in terms of your performance always. The most important thing is to Always have GRATITUDE. Like every other field, this industry is also booming and providing the youth with good opportunities to fulfill their dreams and be successful in what they like and live for.

What message are you willing to convey to the coming generation of models?

I just want to say that be positive, be confident in everything that you do, height does matter in ramp modeling but height is not only the single criteria to be a successful model, but links also matter the most. Do only what your conscience allows. Always remember to be polite and humble and hold gratitude towards everyone and make sure that you hold gratitude with attitude.

‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’- What is your take on this statement?

Definitely. That one look of your destiny on you will change everything, said Mr. Dinesh Mohan(cast from ‘BHARAT’ movie). I got a chance to meet him on the rehearsal sets of Mr. India manhunt 2019. It means that along with your never-ending hard work your DESTINY too plays a

big role; but, one should never give up on hard work. There is a big difference between a successful actor and a good actor. Mind it. So always be positive and never believing in you and your destiny.

How can you describe your mission and excitement in one line?

Always dream with open eyes because sometimes what you seek is seeking you.


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