Shivani Trehan
Shivani Trehan

“You will never know what you can do until you do it”
– Shivani Trehan

Your journey in the field of social media has begun. How are you planning to take this forward?

Being a blogger or an influencer, obviously, the relevance of social media is huge in my life and being regular on social media platforms is very important for someone like me. At least that’s what I try to do. I try to be as regular as possible on my Instagram and Facebook profiles to communicate with people and hopefully inspire and motivate them through my content and recommend brands and products that I truly am passionate about and want to endorse.

Also earlier, I used to use Youtube only to showcase my brand work however this year I have started publishing my own videos and content more and more. Especially beauty videos and products reviews and I have found a good number of takers for this channel and this sort of content.

Do you feel the excitement with the new opportunities that are offered to you?

Of course, I get very excited to get new opportunities and the experience of working with different brands. Considering that I am a lifestyle blogger, I get the opportunity to work with a wide spectrum of brands across different fields like food, fashion, beauty, travel, and fitness. Especially when there is a launch of a new product in any of these categories it becomes very exciting to introduce that new product to the audiences and be one of the first ones to tell them about those products. So yes, it is super exciting. Though, needless to say, I need to be convinced about those products and should be able to relate to the brand.

‘The journey of a celebrity is always celebrated’- What is your view on this statement?

My view on this statement is that it definitely should be celebrated. Every celebrity has his/her own journey. They have their own personal goals and aspirations. However, they also have their own set of hardships and ups &downs that they go through.

One thing is to build a brand name but equally important is to sustain it and everything comes with its own sets of challenges. However, once you overcome those challenges and create something special, it is a reason to be celebrated.

And when it is celebrated and talked about, it can inspire other people. You don’t know which part of a celebrity’s journey touches an individual’s life and motivates him/ her positively. So, yes it should be celebrated.

Having said that I feel that not only celebrities but every individual’s life is a journey of their accomplishments and hardships and each of those should be celebrated! Everyone should be proud of their own journeys.

We all had thrilling experiences in our lives- What was yours and how do you think that it has changed your way of life? Is your vision evolving?

Yes! I have had some thrilling experiences and I’ll talk about two experiences both of which involved me jumping from somewhere! The first experience was when I was going on a school trip and this was a camping/trekking trip. I was required to jump off a cliff in the river and I remember that I did not know how to swim. I was standing on the edge of the cliff and I wanted to turn my back because I thought I couldn’t do it. But then suddenly there was a chorus, and all the other students started cheering for me, started calling out my name, and started motivating me by saying- “Come on Shivani! Jump, Jump, Jump ” and that moment I felt so empowered that I just jumped. It was so liberating that I did it again.

Such an experience brought to my awareness I draw my energy from people. I like to surround myself with positive people. People who push me every day to be the best version of myself and that is what everyone should do, surround themselves with people like that.

The second thrilling experience that I had was when I had gone to Spain and this was just a couple of years back. I went for sky diving. It is not easy to jump off those twelve thousand or fifteen thousand feet from the sky. It was quite thrilling and exciting and I did it!

My sky-diving experience made me realize that I am someone who loves to take on new experiences and you never know what you can do it until you do it.

For example, taking the plunge and leaving my corporate work life and starting my brand “Social Cravings”.

For example, deciding to lose weight and achieving 11 kgs of weight loss.

What is the positivity that keeps pinching you every day to create something good inside you and how do you deliver the same logically and creatively?

One of the most important thing is the love and the positive feedback I get from all my followers. Obviously, there are days I do feel down and there are times when I am demotivated but the positive messages that I get from my followers always keeps me going and just knowing that somebody might be waiting to hear from me.

How do you see yourself as a professional and as a person?

Well! As a professional, I am very driven. I value people’s time and I work with honesty and integrity on each and every project I take up. I like to live up to my commitments.

As a person, in fact, I am very easy going, I am open-minded and I love to socialize, meet new people and have new experiences in life.

What kind of Dilemma have you faced so far?

In my line of work, people still take this profession very casually and view it more like something you would do for fun or hobby, what they don’t understand is the amount of hard work and effort that goes into everything. It requires you to multi-task at all times, be hands-on with everything, and take up different roles at times. At a time, I am playing the role of a model, content writer, editor, social media expert, a businesswoman, a saleswoman, a negotiator, etc. You know that you are covering so many areas with this one profession.

The dilemma is how to get people and brands to take you very seriously about your profession and work. The dilemma is also about how to decrease the number of people wanting you to do free promotions or barter collaborations. For example, if we discuss the food industry in this sort of profession, restaurants will offer you free food and free drinks. When it comes to the fashion and beauty industry, people will offer you free clothes and free products rather than actually paying you for the job. So, basically, the dilemma is how to break this perception and how to break through these barriers. How to make people aware and increase knowledge of our professional role. How to make things more structured in this industry.

In a recent article, it says that the influencer industry is said to become an 8 billion dollar industry by 2020. In many countries this profession is already flourishing, I am not saying that in India brands are not working with influencers, there are many, however, there is a huge scope of growth for both Indian brands and influencers alike.

What do you think that today’s generation is lagging behind in- Motivation, determination or are they more involved in the lame discussions?

Every generation has its sets of positives and negatives. When I say this generation, meaning the millennials. The positives are definitely that they are exposed to a lot more at a younger age and they question more which is very good quality. However, the negatives being that somewhere they lag behind in commitment. Also, there are not too many real-time experiences. Everything is easy come and easy go. I feel like the demand is more whereas their willingness to learn and take on responsibilities is far less.

What is that habit in you that you want to withstand?

I think sometimes my thoughts run ahead of me. So, the habit I would like to withstand is of, thinking more and doing less. This is something that I am really trying to work on.

Do you think that the industry needs to make some vital changes in fashion and style sector? Mention those changes?

I feel that the Indian fashion industry is quite widespread and still very unorganized. You have people working from big fashion houses to designers who run a ‘one man show’ to people working from home. It is pretty unorganized and there is a lot of change and work that needs to happen in that aspect.

What are your skills and subjectivities that you feel can lead you in the race of being the next celebrity?

I think if I would have the answer to that I would already be a celebrity however perhaps my skills of communication and my determination to succeed and achieve my goals.

According to you which generation is inclined towards you the most?

I cater to a very large spectrum of audience firstly in terms of the categories I work in since, it’s a mix of food, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

When you talk about age groups, it’s got a lot to do with different mediums of social media. Facebook has a mature audience that is still using it, so, I have a different audience there. On Instagram, there is definitely more of a younger audience.

In terms of regions and cities, obviously Delhi, Mumbai to begin with and in terms of countries, largely India and then the US markets. So yes it’s a wide spectrum of people that I am catering to.

It always seems impossible until it’s done’- What is your take on this statement?

I agree with this statement. Getting back to an earlier question where I spoke about jumping off the cliff and my sky- diving experiences.

How can you describe your excitement in one line?

The best moments of my life are yet to come 🙂



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