saif khavra
saif khavra

“One of my main skills is communication, as I do this with my followers to let them know that their appreciation does not go unnoticed.”
– Saif Khavra

Your journey in the field of social media has begun. How are you planning to take this forward?

I don’t believe that my journey in the field of social media has just started, it’s not about a beginning or an ending. Social media is a great platform to showcase my talent, interact with my followers and to reach a great number of audiences. I am a firm believer that by giving quality content to my audience and consistency of good work, this will keep the growth in my audience and followers. I ensure this by releasing good content, such as cover songs and giving them sneak peeks into my life when recording new cover songs and when I perform live. This way I am interacting with my audience and continue to grow on social media platforms.

What was the first time when you felt that you are made for singing?

This was probably when I performed for the first time in my college with my band in front of a crowd of students and received an amazing response from them. I have always had a passion and interest in music since my childhood, but at that moment I felt really connected and my desire to pursue singing grew. I have won many singing competitions and awards, but due to the response I was getting when I sang Live, I realized that I am able to sing very well so I decided to keep singing.

What kind of opportunities are you looking for?

I am looking for better support from my audience and viewers to my videos that I upload on my YouTube channel. It is my understanding that once I am able to get this support and go viral, I will be asked to perform at events, be invited to music projects, network with other members of the music industry and continue recording songs, with a view to being nationally known.

Do you think that the life of a celebrity is always celebrated?

Achievements and successes should be celebrated. However, I don’t believe their life always is, as we live in a secular and sacred country so, if a celebrity gives their opinion on any political or religious matter, etc. and this is not agreed amongst others, then this can affect their future career. This is because people tend to forget that celebrities are also human and as per the Indian constitution, every citizen should have the right to give their individual opinions. However, in hindsight, this is not the case and people would then try to put them down.

What are the most exciting experiences of your life? Do those changes help in evolving your vision?

The most exciting and daunting experience was to suddenly leave my job without giving any thought as to what the consequences would be such as not having any other form of income or employment. My motive was so that I would be able to give in-depth concentration to my previous music projects. It was during this time where my perspectives towards my life and approach to my hurdles and problems had changed. I found that I groomed as a person and as a musician.

What keeps pinching you every day to create something good inside you and how do you deliver the same logically and creatively?

The main reason why I continue to pursue my dream to sing is due to the appreciation that I continuously receive from the work that I do. My follower’s positive responses give me that drive to be consistent and create new work and ideas again and again. I am always ensuring that I entertain and show my appreciation to my followers.

Which is the song that connects with you the most?

AEY ZINDAGI GALE LAGALE’, this is because no matter how persistent you are or how hard one works, your life will give you what you deserve when the right time arises. That is what this song is all about.

If you have to create an album based on your life then what will be the best-suited name and theme? Which aspects of your life would you like to portray through that album?

“Safar” as in, a journey. This is aimed at the journey of my life, as it has not been easy from the beginning. I don’t intend on complaining about this because one of the things I learned was that you are unable to grow as an individual without facing hurdles and obstacles. I also believe that you will not get an idea of dealing with problems unless you have to face it at the time. So am glad I faced it, it has enabled me to be the person I am today and given me the strength to deal with any situations now, Alhamdulillah. In my album, I would want to portray the learning phases, the many obstacles I have encountered, the many inspirations that I have had, love, heartbreaks, and friendships.

What is that habit in you that you want to withstand?

One of my main strengths is not being influenced by others. I am punctual, I am driven and to continue working in the music industry means that I would want to continue to resist smoking and drinking alcohol. I have strong willpower and have been consistent. I would never want to lose these habits for any reason.

Do you think that the entertainment industry needs to make some vital changes? Mention those changes?

My main concern would be to stop giving preferences and choose talent over recommendations. People with great talents and going unnoticed and that should not be the case. Everyone needs an opportunity even if it means to step out your comfort zone.

What are your skills and subjectivities that you feel can lead you in the race of being the next celebrity?

One of my main skills is communication, as I do this with my followers to let them know that their appreciation does not go unnoticed. I have a positive approach and people often describe me as humble, irrespective of circumstances. I am passionate about what I do and continue to always be the best of myself.

‘Failures are keys to success’- What is your take on this statement?

Definitely, I completely agree with this as failures guide you to take a step back and reflect on what went wrong. This helps people like myself to work over that failure and come back even stronger. I have encountered many ups and downs in my life, these have all been very important and sometimes a blessing, but they keep us going as a straight line even in an ECG reading means that we are not alive. I am a firm believer that even if one fails, they should keep learning, reflecting and continue working hard. Failure means that you are continuously trying and working hard until your goal ultimately takes you towards success.

How can you describe your excitement and mission in one line?

“To create a better everyday life for me and my family.”


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