Pramita Mohapatra

“Violence is not the tool to measure your power rather than silence is”
– Pramita Mohapatra

You are already in the field of social media. Are you planning to take this forward in the entertainment industry?

Yes! Obviously, if luck allows me because I have a fascination for the camera since childhood. I have been used to the stage and being on the media since I was 3-4 years old. So, if luck permits or if I get a good chance then I will definitely look forward to it.

What are the things that make you look for something different and out of the box every day?

Everyone is unique in its own way. But maybe the specialty I possess is that I am calm and positive to people who criticize or put me down. I believe violence is not the tool to measure your power rather silence is. I think that thought makes me somewhat different. This attitude makes me down to earth as well. It’s all about all the good qualities to have in yourself and that you make a good version of yourself. This is the specialty that can make everyone out of the box.

‘The journey of a celebrity is always celebrated’- What is your view on this statement?

Yes totally because people look up to them. They are always in the limelight in a good way or a negative way but since we are the people personally that we feel. Definitely, they play a major influence on people. Because of this reason, the lives of celebrities are always celebrated.

But a celebrity life comes with a lot of challenges. I’ll tell you one incidence when I was doing B.Com, I was 17 or 18. I managed my studies, finished my classes, went for grooming then traveled in very less time. In such an intense competition you have to prepare your mind for every challenge that comes up and I was selected for the ‘Campus Princess’ and I went forward. The other month I met a car accident and I fractured my foot so I couldn’t go for finals. I didn’t stop at that time. I entered TGPC India. It is all about your mental strength. It is not a comfortable life. Every day you need to put hard work.

Share some of your experiences during the initial stage of modeling.

The first thing is that I never thought of being a model. I weighed 85 kgs. When I was 15 or 16. I was very young. So I had to shed almost 35 kgs. At that time I was so concerned about my fitness that I shed my weight. Luck by chance I have gone down to Big Bazar or some other shopping complex that I don’t remember clearly. They handed over a form to me. It started from there. The initial struggles were obviously havoc for me. I couldn’t lift my feet for 3-4 days plus you are constantly put to pressure because I was so new I didn’t know anything. You have to face tantrums from people. You have to prove people with your talent. Sometimes, you are very nervous but it is just about how to overcome.

How do you see yourself as a Professional and as a Person?

As a professional, I am very motivated, very positive, and hardworking. Personally, I would say that I am a very simple person. I like my pajamas more than my fancy heels. I am a very outgoing person, very chilled but when it comes to the profession than it’s just the opposite. The big motto that my father taught me is keeping your personal and professional life different to succeed in life. In your professional life, you will be bulked up. So, you need to be disciplined, determined, and dedicated. In personal life, you need to be as happy and chilled as possible to lead a good and balanced life.

Do you feel liberal by your profession? What is your vision of India and how do you want to see it evolving for better?

I am a social media influencer, a blogger, and a host. So I personally feel that it’s about you creating an opinion about yourself to make people think about you. Of course, India is being liberal. A lot of pageants come out of the beauty industry. Many celebrities are working towards a vision. It’s upon you that how you feel that you can bring a change in society. It depends on one’s own individuality to change the idea or thought.

How do you feel when you walk the ramp or during your photoshoots. Tell something about your first project.

My first project was for a handbag and I was very nervous. I still remember that because I was just standing still and the photographer was like do some poses and then I came up with practice and experiences. The Ramp walk is something that I loved the most. I have been very comfortable doing that. I was nominated many times for best Ramp Walk. It is just like a red carpet walk. It is your moment, you just need to own it and feel like that. Some feelings cannot be expressed.

What message are you willing to convey to the next generation of models?

The first message is to walk on the best path you have. The more you try to discover your inner aura you discover the more it is easier for you. Suppose someone is too beautiful but you should not be carried away by that. Keep your own individuality inside you, keep working on it. You never know what you have in store. Don’t get intimidated by anyone. Take every positive learning that comes up. Surround yourself with positive people. Keep your homework done. Stay down to earth because there is no substitute for hard work.

What new change would you like to add in the entertainment industry?

I am not too old in this industry to give a big opinion on this. Change is to add more creativity and add more content. The content of the movies is really good. We are so fascinated by the glamour that we forget some major causes that are happening and need immediate attention. The entertainment industry plays a major role in getting groups of our society and spreading awareness among them. The content part is doing good and they need to grow it more.

According to you which generation is inclined towards you the most?

Obviously my generation.

‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’- What is your take.

I will totally abide by this. In the path, you start moving there are so many contradictions which always goes on your mind because they never know what is going to happen. That’s why I prefer to have a proper qualification so that if it doesn’t click then you have something to fall back upon.

Describe your mission and excitement in one line.

Never give up because you never know what is in your store for the future.


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