“Your hard work can put you somewhere, where your luck will find you”
– Jitesh Nikam

Your journey in the field of social media has begun. How are you planning to take this forward in the entertainment industry?

Belonging to the entertainment industry, social media has been an integral part of my journey. It has definitely helped me to reach major people to make my work links and I’m here because of social media. It has helped me connect with the people

Do you feel the excitement with the new opportunities that are offered to you?

Of course, it’s always an excitement be it shows or shoots, traveling to different destinations having crazy experiences. It’s mainly exciting as I get to meet new people whenever I’m at work. It makes it all the more interesting.

‘The journey of a celebrity is always celebrated’- What is your view on this statement?

Yes, it is surely, as everyone comes with a story. For me, I never had a plan to be a model or anything or anywhere in the industry, it’s just how life happened to me. I was approached by someone for an assignment through Facebook and I thought let’s give it a shot, I got through and here I am with having a fun ride till now.

We all had thrilling experiences in our lives- What was yours and how do you think that it has changed your way of life? Is your vision evolving?

My most thrilling experience was the time when I did my first show, the moment I entered the fitting room I was blown away. As I got my first show for a very senior designer and he had almost all supermodels on board for this one. (Felt as if Fashion movie is live in front of me ). I was new to Mumbai, being unknown to everything. I was just blank dint knew what to do. It still makes me feel unreal about the fact that I am a part of it now. I’ll just say “God has been Kind”.

What are the positivities that keep pinching you every day to create something good inside you and how do you deliver the same logically and creatively?

I totally feel discipline is the key. I look up to Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” as my idol, in terms of his fitness schedule and dedication, I would surely want to be something like that. For me, it’s just to become everything that you’ve dreamt about. Consistency and Sincerity are going to help you make it big in Life. I totally focus on every job that comes my way and giving my best shot every time I’m out there.

How do you see yourself as a professional and as a person?

I am super easy going person in both the ways but when it comes to working I’m on my toes and in my free time I love to do a good dance class session or just sleep may be (Beauty sleep as they say)

What kind of Dilemma have you faced so far?

Moreover in my life, coming from a middle-class background, my parents always taught me “No Problems only Solutions”. To live your life in an experiencing way and learn from every bit.

If you are asked to recreate your fashion style and deliver a completely different message through it then what is the theme or social cause that you will choose to reach the audience?

In terms of fashion, I love very basic clothing, mostly monochromatic. Well in regards to social causes, I’d definitely love to do something for the Transgender community and the also for the kids of prostitutes.

What do you think that today’s generation is lagging behind in- Motivation, determination or are they more involved in the lame discussions?

Today’s generation is involved mostly into the digital media, rather than actually getting involved in people around. I grew up playing on the playground, unlike today’s kids. Interaction with the outside world teaches you a lot of things and values to lead your life.

What is that habit in you that you want to withstand?

Well since my childhood I was always up to learn something new, the greed of learning is what I want to withstand with.

Do you think that the entertainment industry needs to make some vital changes in fashion and style sector? Mention those changes?

Well, I feel I am very young to comment over changing things into the industry but all I can say is, we should go more organic and make more way for the Indian weavers. That’s when we can call it our whole thing.

What are your skills and subjectivities that you feel can lead you in the race of being the next celebrity?

For being a celebrity one needs to be outstandingly focused and determined about his dream, rest I believe “Your hard work can put you somewhere, where your luck will find you..!”

According to you which generation is inclined towards you the most?

It’s a mixed group of people I have Followers on Instagram. But mostly I feel it’s the college-going kids. That’s a generation younger to mine.

It always seems impossible until it’s done’- What is your take on this statement?

It’s very very true, as they say, success is a journey, not a destination. But I believe if you can see it you can definitely achieve it. Just keep going on.

How can you describe your excitement in one line?

Well! I feel for me it’s just the beginning, there is a lot more in me which I’ll deliver eventually..!


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