jannat sorathia
jannat sorathia

“My knowledge is my power and the years which I have given to learn the art is my strongest points.”
– Jannat Sorathia

You are already in the field of social media. Are you enjoying the attraction or waiting for more?

Yes definitely! I have worked for it and will be giving my best in the coming years. Better the content, more the attraction and social media are all about inspiring and being innovative with your ideas. When I was in shooting for films, the fan base and the audience were different. You fans appreciate your work there is a power in acting which attracts people towards the art.

Since I started blogging 2 years back. The response from social media was overwhelming. People love and follow the content you provide them and inspire them. I love connecting with my social media audience and always strive to provide them with better content and ideas.

What are your plans regarding moving into the entertainment industry?

I m already in the entertainment industry, I am a trained actor. I have a few projects (films/short films) in hand.

How do you want to see your journey as a celebrity?

I want to learn and earn my way towards stardom and don’t want success to come easy.

I don’t want anything which I don’t deserve. I want to carve my path with lots of hard work and sincerity.

Do you think that the journey of a celebrity is always celebrated? Explain both in case of ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

Not always, Journey of a celebrity is celebrated or welcomed by the fraternity or the audience. It’s all about how you carry yourself at times of adversity and stardom. You should accept criticism with grace and applause with humility. Stay true to your work and never give up.

What are the expectations that you carry with yourself?

Nothing but to be true to me. At the end of the day, I have to live with me. The more expectation, more the worries. The only expectation I have with me is not to let the graph of success go down.

Define fashion according to your own vision and understanding.

The only constant thing about Fashion is it changes every season, it’s the style that you carry every season matters. The majority of India still wears Indian clothing; I believe Indian fashion should focus more on creating Indian style in Indo western or fusion wear.  

According to you what kind of fashion works more in India and explain the reason behind it.

No matter what, people will always choose comfort when it comes to fashion. As I m one of the top influencers on many reselling websites hence it’s an easy answer. The word is Basic! Denim, formals and Ethnic wear. Majority of people still won’t experiment with their look.

Yes! One may appreciate your style and fashion sense. But the fact is no one wants to dare or come out of their comfort zone when it comes to fashion or style.

How would you like to see yourself as a professional and as a person?

I m always clear with work when it comes to project, brands, film and stays true to my professional values. Your values reflect what is most important to you and enable you to work in service of how you want to be perceived and experienced by others. They help you develop and maintain a strong and accurate sense of yourself as a person.

What is the fashion theme that you would like to recreate in India?

Indian fashion is already recreating many themes, the one I like the most recently is dhoti style trendy infusion and western wear. Dhoti style is no more man wear. The Dhoti Saree is one fashion I would like to recreate in many different ways for daily wear.

Do you think that being a model or an actor makes you more liberal? What is your vision of India and how do you want to see it evolving for better?

I have been liberal before I stepped into the entertainment industry. Being liberal as an actor or model is not always being open-minded. Being liberal is always about being respectful and sensitive to other’s practices and views and taking a stand for any wrongdoings.

What message are you willing to convey to your generation of models and actors?

There many young girls who reach me on social media especially those who are from a humble background. By looking at my social media profile they may think, it is a piece of cake. But No, you have to learn the skill and art first and yes it’s chargeable. So get yourself trained whether it through the acting course or a modeling agency, or you’ll waste your time. Secondly, I tell them to focus on their studies and complete their academics first as most of them are between the age group of 16 to 19.

‘Efforts never fail to yield results’- What is your take on this statement?

Yes, it’s true, your efforts will count on the areas you are putting your focus upon. Besides I’ll like to add your knowledge will never go wasted. My knowledge is my power and the years which I have given to learn the art is my strongest points. So the right knowledge about the field and your efforts will never fail to yield the results.

How can you describe your mission and excitement in one line?

I m always humble and grateful not usually excited. I m just focused on giving my best with the projects and brands I have been associated with. Yes, I m only excited with my new collaboration and my clothing line launching soon. Finger cross to that.


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