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Life for common people is a pre-defined code of conduct. From morning to evening they are always busy with their own tensions. But they are still conscious enough to see the things and people beyond their original life. This is the time when they come across the entertainment industry and celebrities.


A celebrity is a person who is mostly associated with the entertainment industry. A celebrity is virtually connected with people. He is always a part of his audience that he gathers through Television. He enjoys his identity, status, and love from people. He is always looked forward to on the occasions. We can also define celebrity as a professional of his field that is, the entertainment industry where he earns for what he delivers. Celebrity is the acclaim and open consideration concurred by the broad communications to people. However, he is normally connected to the people or gatherings of individuals themselves who get such a status of distinction and consideration. Big name status is frequently connected with the people with caliber (generally alluded to as distinction and fortune).

Gym workout of an actor
Gym workout of an actor

Life of a Celebrity

  • Public Point of View- Lives of celebrities are often supposed to be the same as each other. The celebrities with the same profession can share the somewhat same lifestyle. People consider the lives of celebrities as luxurious and entertaining as well. They feel that celebrities are always getting media attention so they must be enjoying every time. They consider a thought that they have all the facilities and they have to face no problem in their lives. The lives of celebrities attract us the most and we are always eager to go beyond any length to adopt their pattern of living.
People trying their selfie
People trying their selfie
  • General view- The lives of celebrities are not as easy as essayed for public view. They are also human beings and they have their issue to deal with. They are required to maintain a balance between their personal life and professional life. In case, if they fail to maintain a balance then common people are ready to criticize and troll them. So, don’t take it easy. On the other hand, a portion of their life is exposed to people as their profession is also a part of their life which they need to execute publicly. But people should not try to poke in everything they want to as it becomes uncomfortable and difficult for the celebrities to offer something extra other than what they are supposed to. Let’s take an example- A celebrity visits a shrine or an event, these places are open for public gatherings so they cannot avoid the crowd. The problem arises when people become impatient to click a selfie with a celebrity.


A celebrity life revolves around entertainment. Most of the time they are busy shooting for their films, TV serial, film festivals or reality shows. So, they hardly have time to address everyone except for the TV screen. They are always busy in doing the workshops for the next film, looking after their fitness, deliver proper actions at right time with perfection. The one in front of the camera has rarely any time left to live his private life. But still, in their private events, parties or marriages they are always followed by media. Media is invited in most of the cases otherwise, who will know who is who?

Group selfie in an event
Group selfie in an event

Types of Celebrities

No matter who the person is what they sow is reaped at the end. If the celebrities are willing to share their private thoughts with people then maintaining privacy becomes uncertain.

  • Film celebrities- Film celebrities include actress and actresses, TV celebs, Film artists, musicians, etc. Earlier fan following was driven by these celebrities but now other professions are also producing celebrities. Most of the celebrity enthusiasts are adopting their way of living.
  • Sports Celebrities- If a sports personality has played good in his specialized sport then within no range of time he becomes a celebrity. Some of these celebrities examples are Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, and many more.
  • Chef Celebrities- Much before when the young generation was not into cooking they were not realizing the abilities of a chef. They create an interest in youth to eat healthy and tasty food without much efforts and time required to create a delicious dish. Many chefs like Sanjeev Kapoor erupted our interest in food and cooking. The people like him is a chef celebrity and the cooking reality shows like ‘Master Chef’ produces the chef celebrities.
  • Business Celebrities- The famous business tycoons like Ambani’s, Tata’s, Birla’s, and many more fall in this category.

Everyone is a celebrity. If you want to adopt their way of living then you have to follow them. The sites like Pinkvilla,, 24x,, etc. can help you in this. Just like media, you should also keep yourself informed with Celebrity lives. Media will always help you in this purpose. But try to nurture only those habits in you that are really essential for your living. You can also create a better style than those of the celebrity lives if you are focused on what you want to achieve in our life and makes you happy.


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