Inspiration comes from within you and motivation is when others think that you are ready to take it. Inspiration and motivation are complementary to each other.

Youth in every country has an extreme amount of energy. All the values and upbringing question applies when a child becomes a youth. This is the time when they need to be suggested about the ways that are right for them.

Initially, as a youth, you are delicate like a kite and you can be diverted in any direction.  But your parents have control of the stretch of your life. Whenever they feel sure about letting you go then they will free you to touch the flying colors with others. But if you are hesitant to continue alone then they will guide you because they still have your control while watching you flying and reaching the heights.

Parents and teachers are our inspirations throughout our lives but still, here exits few or a single personality/ties who acts as virtual guides for us.

Virtual Inspirations

With a lot of opportunities in our way, we have to face many setbacks in order to prove ourselves. Always make it a point in your life that it is not the drawbacks in you that don’t allow you to go where you should reach but they are setbacks who questions your caliber continuously testing you whether you are sufficient enough to achieve what you want to or not. Let’s take some mindblowing examples:

  • Stephen Hawking- Have you ever heard or thought of Sir Stephen Hawking? He had a serious disease which paralyzed him for his entire life. Doctors told his family that he cannot live for more than two years but why would Sir Stephen Hawkings give the hands up when he was supposed to receive a great ornament of his life that is, ‘the medal of Science Communication’ and honor for ‘Black Hole discovery of dedication’.

We, as kids and even youth always complain about not achieving something which we wanted because of a lack of resources or opportunities. At the time we don’t realize how rich we are with whatever we have. But to do a proper allocation of your available qualities and creating a best out of your skills is an achievement for a successful youth which you have to be.

  • Sir Thomas Elva Edison- Who do you think he is? That one student in your class who you think was very casual and not at all interested in studies and class participation, somewhat the same kind of student was Sir Thomas Elva Edison. He is an inventor of motion pictures, chemicals, electricity, mining, battery, and many crucial things. His mother changed his life by hiding a note from his teacher as she knew that this piece of paper will drop her child’s self-confidence drastically. So, she decided to hide it from Sir Edison until her death. He invented the bulb which later gave light to the world. So, if, in case you will find someone behaving of the surrounding then please don’t consider that person to be mad because he is a genius.
Inspiration Budding in youth
Inspiration Budding in youth

It is the contribution by Thomas Elva Edison that we have access to the entertainment industry in India and outside world.

  • Sudha Chandran- She is a famous Indian personality of the entertainment sector. She is also a trained Bharatnatyam dancer. She had a major downfall in her life when she faced a tragedy and she lost her leg in the accident. But all thanks to her will power to recover from this phase as she only developed stronger after this.
  • Subhreet Kaur Ghumman- She is an ex-contestant of TV reality show Jhalak Dikhla Ja. There are two focal points of her personality, one that she is a dancer and second that she has one leg. She has one more center of attraction that she always smile.
  • H Ramakrishnan- He is also a polio-affected person since his young age. Like other people with disabilities, he was also given an alienated treatment since his childhood. An interest in music gave his career a boost. He had performed in various concerts and academies. He plays instruments like Mridangam and Kanjira.

So, never pressurize yourself with the false ideas of not lifting yourself if you witness any setback in life because ultimately you have your soul which even you don’t believe actually guides you whenever you are wrong. Motivations and inspirations will continue to support you.


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