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Discussing art from the perspective of reality shows

Mind it, no matter at which corner of life or India you are,  your talent will matter and your dynamism will never let you down. This earth is a platform for all the vehement talent and if you are not getting a chance to participate in the reality shows then create something much better for yourself as well as others.

We can also not deny that along with being a platform for many it has now become a place of competition as well but there should be no offense with this. Earlier art like dance, music, singing, acting, etc. were all practiced for entertainment purpose and for social gatherings. By the time these skills has gained its momentum, it was slowly taken as a competition. Recently, a ‘Dance India Dance’ and ‘Jhalak Dikhla’ ex-contestant Shantanu Maheshwari have commented that it’s all about competition and there is no celebration of dance.

Make art a stress buster
Make art a stress buster


The concept of art was never originated with a seed of rivalry among a community or a group of different communities. Art was always meant to be an enjoyment and a stress buster. It is the most impressive form of expression. Dancing, singing, acting, etc. were not the concepts of reality shows. They were only willing to provide a platform to these artists who want to take it as a profession. If it is all about competition then it should definitely not be the way it is but even if it is so then why will you take it as a competition? Enjoy yourself, intensify your skills, build connections, and look for more opportunities. It is because of its real popularity then the reality show contestants get public votes.

You should not pay attention to the rumors like the reality shows are scripted or they do favoritism. Even if they are doing something as such why don’t you go and make a target for yourself? These platforms are just learning phases just like a school. You have to go and look up for what’s up next, apply in the colleges’, and lastly look for a job. Stardom only helps in creating an identity if you don’t have money in your pocket.

If we can see from the advent of reality shows then there is no doubt a lot of competition in this field. So many people are coming from different backgrounds with the same home that is, to win the trophy. It becomes obvious to note that the velocity of competition is very high and all the contenders find it really hard to even proceed. No one is even bothered to look at their skills and talent and they are busy in exhausting themselves both physically and mentally. They are always ready to perform any weird step in the name of hip-hop or classical dance and equally interested in shouting their voice out. Yes, this is a competition then why don’t we play it healthy?

bit of exaggeration is common in reality shows for the purpose of entertainment. Earlier they used to show fights but now they are adding comic elements in it to make it more entertaining. In the end, the audience gets what they want that is entertainment. Sometimes the effort from the other side can become a pain, you have to sacrifice a bit of your life for your passion.


Career is not a game
Career is not a game

Your career is definitely not about your luck. It is good that you were a part of the reality show or will be the same, at least it will add to your experience and everyone knows how intense is the training for the reality shows then who know you can hold the chair of a judge in a show.  No one can always push you to do something better, they provide you a platform and it is all on you what you want to after your tenure is over. You have to make it a point to not rely on the show, channel or judges to set you somewhere because there are lakhs of candidates like you who want what you want or even more than that. Don’t feel like if you are in a show and in front of a camera then your job is done. But you may or may not know that you are learning about a lot of life experiences in these platforms. Please do not rely on an agent to create a short to your success and you may land in confusion and this may take most of your time and will keep you engaged in irrelevant issues.


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