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Young boys don’t feel left out because you guys share equal space with ladies in the world of glamour. You must be looking for opportunities other than generally perceived professions for men. Don’t just become a part of the fashion industry but go and claim the Mr. India title. An enthusiasm to create a better India can make you Mr. India.

Mr. India used to be organized by Grasim Industries and later Haywards organized this contest under the parent organization, The Times Group.

Boys ought to be adventurous enough to shield their ambitions against any barrier.  Nothing is too difficult to achieve if you can keep you cool easy going.

Attributes of Mr. India

Attributes of Mr India
Attributes of Mr India
  • Confidence- Always be confident while portraying your personality because nervousness cannot help in any case. It can only help you gain sympathy when you are not selected.  Slay your personality according to the place.
  • Avoid negativity- Don’t feel like these things are for time pass and these titles are not made for the people like you. If you are obese then work on your personality. Ultimately, you cannot taste honey unless you can disturb the bees and you cannot become a diamond unless you will dig the coal.
  • Pitch clearly- You should be clear while describing yourself. From the introduction, hobbies to experience, everything should be crystal clear. The one judging you will know you better. Until and unless you will not describe yourself the way you are then you will definitely not be regarded for this position.
  • Body Shape- You should go to the gym for regular exercises. Make six abs, if possible as this can make your personality more attractive. You will stand out from rest if you have a good height and broad shoulder. This personality will present you as a model in an event.
  • Time Management- You are expected to do too many activities in a day. So, avoid deviating your time in fussy things and manage your schedules wisely so that you can have a good sleep at the end of the day. Please avoid spending your time in late nights chats, movies, and video games.
  • Hobbies- Make some good things a part of your hobbies like reading good books, listening to good music, dancing to improve your body flexibility.
  • Inspiration- Get inspired by some of the great personalities and follow the journeys of previous Mister India peasants. Their interviews, biographies, and standard of living can give you essential tips for your modeling career. This can enhance the area of your knowledge.  
  • Dutiful- The judges will try to evaluate if you are punctual and true to your duty or not. They will also try to figure out your passion and sincerity that whether you will be inclined towards your duties or will just keep the trophy.

Eligibility criteria

  • Height must be 5 Feet, 7 inches and above.
  • 18-25 years of age before 31st December.
  • Single, Unmarried and not engaged
  • Documents required-  Indian Passport, School Leaving Certificate, Birth Certificate, etc.
  • No criminal background should exist
  • You should not be into any modeling agreement other than Mister India.

How to apply

Before applying, kindly look at the terms and the conditions of the competition. You can contact them for your queries and leave no place for doubts before applying.

  • Online registration- (Register yourself on the official site of Mister India. Mention properly your physical attributes (height), city (where you will give the audition), address, vital statistics, and contact (mobile/ phone number). Upload your photo as asked. Lastly, check all the details that you have entered before submitting.
  •  Audition- Auditions take place in six cities of India, i.e., Delhi, Banglore, Kolkata, Jaipur, Chandigarh, and Mumbai.
  • The selection starts at the state level.


Preparation to win Mr India Title
Preparation to win Mr India Title
  • Clothes and shoes- If you are not a girl that doesn’t mean that you will always roam in loose pants, t-shirts or tracksuits. Now, you’ll be applying for Mr. India and you have to keep yourself properly dressed. Your jeans and t-shirts should complement each other.
  • Tonality in speaking- Make proper use of words and vocabulary in the sentence. Prefer English as the medium of communication. You have to speak conveniently and fluently.  Please use pause fillers if you are sort of words while speaking. The communication should not break and then continue.
  • Resume- Remember everything that is mentioned in your resume. Don’t forget about any detail. The resume gives a brief reflection of your personality so do not deviate from what has been mentioned is your resume. There is no need to mention what you are actually not else, it will be very embarrassing for you in the auditions.
  • Face to face interaction- After the selection of your resume, you will be called for an interview with the jury. So, don’t panic and prepare for the interaction.
  • General knowledge- If you don’t have the knowledge about what is being asked then learn to manipulate your answer that to confidently. In order to deepen your knowledge about the fashion and entertainment industry you can definitely go through the following magazines:
  1. Vogue Hommes International
  2. GQ Men’s Magazine
  3. Esquire
  4. VMAN
  5. Fantastic Man
  6. Men’s Fashion
  7. Men’s Vogue and many more magazines.
  • Makeup- Use only those makeup products that suits your skin so that you are not subject to allergies or infections. Appy some herbal product before putting on the makeup. Take care of your beard if it is long and a little heavy.  You have to set your hair with the help of gel and use suitable perfume for fragrance. Following are the cosmetic products that you can use during and after your tenure:
  1. Jask Blask’s Oil-free sun guard
  2. Nivea Moisturising Suns Lotion
  3. Vaseline Men and body lotion
  4. Alpha Skincare Hydration Body Lotion
  5. L’Oreal Paris Mat Magique Compact
  6. Maybelline White super fresh Compact



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