How to become a Model

The accelerating growth of the entertainment industry is worth appreciation. The credit goes to all the new talents who always dream of seeking a career in this industry. Their unbeatable potential and never-ending enthusiasm won’t allow us to turn them down. These are those faces who later develop into stars.

Always reflect your charm, boldness, and excitement in order to serve the purpose. Yes, this is actually what modeling and acting demands. Modeling is a very demanding profession, keep yourself fresh and always waiting for the new opportunities. The next crowning glory can anytime be you. A model can become a genuine model for our society. Model is an inspiration, they are role models. Modeling is all about to be good at acting and poses. 24X7 head to toe engagement means that now you are completely into your profession. The body, mind, and soul should coordinate with each other timely.

For the teenagers and schools going kids modeling can be a very fascinating field to consider as a career option. They are those curious species who can go to any length if given a chance and motivation to do so.

A Male Model
A Male Model


Like other fields, we need a well- versed portfolio in this field. If you are an actor then please mention a link/s to your performances. You need to mention all your educational qualifications as well. Please don’t forget to highlight your qualifications from the acting schools.

The initial step to enter the modeling career is to create an updated portfolio. The portfolio will contain your innumerable amount of pictures which will make it easy for the agencies to decide the real you. Pictures must be taken from every angle so that the agency can have a clear idea of your height and size.  

  1. Head Shot
  2. Full-length body shot
  3. Closing shot
  4. Smile shot
  5. Editorial fashion shot
  6. Commercial shot
  7. Swim shot

Precautions- Choose your photographers and makeup artists wisely. Mostly do theme photo shoots if possible. Never present your pictures in casual selfies or any pictures. It must be only you in the picture. The pictures should contain a suitable background. The clicks must only be subjected to you and only you. No materialistic things are allowed in the background until and unless it is not serving any purpose. It will be great if you can drop your modeling and acting pictures and experience online so that the recruiters can have a clear picture of you and your capabilities as a model. You have to maintain your body weight. Take classes for yoga, do gym and perform other suitable exercises.

A Female Model
A Female Model

b) Experience

If you have any modeling experience even at your tender age then please include it. If the aspirants do not have any experience in this field then they must look for the opportunities, if not as a model then as volunteers and associates. They should participate in modeling events and can participate in part-time modeling assignments.

Best Institutes for Acting and modeling in Delhi

  1. National School of Drama is located in Bahawalpur house 1, Bhagwandas Road, New Delhi-110001. It is an autonomous body under Ministry of Culture, Government of India established in 1959 by Sangeet Natak Academy and offers 3 years course in Dramatic Arts.
  2. Sangeet Natak Academy (The National Academy for music, dance, and drama) was established in 1952 and is located in Rabindra Bhawan, Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi- 110001.
  3. Theatre in Education was established on October 16, 1869, with the objective of promoting theatre through children. It offers 3 years full-time diploma course in Dramatic Arts.
  4. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) provides 2 years of Masters in Theatre Arts, (MPATA) under the department School of Performing and Visual Arts (SOPVA). The best part of this university is that it is universal in India and secondly, there is no age bar.
  5. Jamia Millia Islamia have evolved culturally and independently since 1920. It offers 1 year PG Diploma course in Acting.
  6. Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) was established on April 22, 1969. It offers optional courses in Theatre and Performance studies.

Promote yourself

Social media channels are a common thing for today’s generation. The access to internet facilities is not difficult either. Mostly used media can be Instagram, Facebook and snap chat. These can help you promote quickly. Instagram is a highly accessed app. You can also gather millions of followers with your grace and passion. Increase the number of pages fan following on the Facebook page. Make yourself a social media sensation.

So, all the aspirants need to promote themselves through as many as media channels possible. Make sure that your professional profiles are public. Never hesitate to get in touch with modeling agencies via social media channels or directly. Remember, as much as you are seen today, the number of opportunities will increase tomorrow. Try your luck today and your efforts will definitely reap into your success.

Types of models

A Child Model
A Child Model

Modeling also has their areas to offer. One can choose according to their interest and comfort.

  1. Child model- As the name suggests, you can be a model since your childhood and if you were then this can be considered good as a part-experience.
  2. Runway model- Also known as catwalk modeling where you just need to present yourself gracefully in an event. On an average, you need to be 5 feet and 8 inches tall and you must work on the way you walk.
  3. Commercial model- There is no age bracket for commercial models (valid for both men and women). They are free to choose in comparison to other models because size, age or height are no barriers. This type of modeling provides you great scope in acting as well.
  4. The glamour model- This kind of modeling is a bit showoff. If you are into it then you can’t avoid your job or not stand up to what is being demanded from you. These models are the face of magazines, calendars, books, exhibitions, etc. The average height should be 5 feet 8 inches or 11 inches.
  5. Fitness model- These type of models are very well suited for fitness industries. If you are a fitness freak then this is an added advantage for you. An option as a commercial model will be open for you as well. The preferred height for females is 5 feet and 4 to 6 inches and for males, the height can be 5 feet 10 inches up to 6 feet 3 inches.
  6. Fashion model- These types of models inspire a lot with their fashion styles. They usually display the designer clothes designed by famous designers. 5 feet and 11 inches should be an ideal height.
  7. Plus size model- Plus size models are not at any cost left behind any fitness, fashionable or glamorous model. They are accurate for commercial and fashion industry.

Before considering modeling and acting as a career must do their homework and simultaneously go through the necessary procedures. Remember, the short-cut is no means to any achievement. You need to work towards your ambitions. Ultimately, nothing is a forced decision and you should choose accurately. So, always take a good decision.



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