How to enter the Film Industry

Do we need any reference to be in Bollywood?

Reference is an alternative that we usually consider as the first method in the process of acting. We are often told that if you have contacts then it will become much easier for you to act. This is the easiest way recommended to every aspiring artist. So, the artists start engaging more of their time is looking for references and making contacts but they tend to forget what they actually need are skills, energy, and potential. First, start gaining some professional training from accurate institutes and then make contacts. You can drop your contacts and profile everywhere you find something good as per your choice.

Entering in acting or the related fields is not just about the contacts and the references. You just have to go through the whole process of auditioning, look test, shots, etc. It is true that you have to consider various options before deciding on but it is not to be ignored that be true to your current role which you are doing and do justice to it. Keep looking for other projects and start developing your contacts at this point so that they can have an idea as to how your work is.

First, for all, get ready with your portfolio and links to your portfolio. The portfolio can be both online and offline. Please include your perfectly photographed pictures, perfectly edited videos, educational qualifications, and the related skills in your portfolio.

– Try to look for some references who can help you in auditions.

– Shower your portfolio with all your experiences.

– Start looking for small acts, plays, local films, and TV commercials.

– Start making your own contacts with the film related people. Various social media platforms can be used for this purpose.

– Try to contact the filmmakers, producers, directors, and the industry insiders through agents if it is directly not possible.

– Regularly attend the workshops to be more organized.

– Drop your number at every possible place so that they can give you a call if they need you.

– Register yourself on various apps and drop your portfolio in those apps.

– Lastly, go for the offers projects in hand and do not concentrate the amount of money they are giving you. Once, you will develop yourself through the short as well as long term projects then that day is not far when you will be considered highly experienced in your field.

Is this how to enter Film Industry
Is this how to enter Film Industry

Avoid agents

If possible then try to avoid the presence of agents in your career because few of them are actually genuine. If you are thinking of or in need of help then please check the agents’ profile thoroughly and try to cross-check. There are recruitment agencies which actually help people in developing their career on a regular bases. But there are some people in the name of the recruitment agent who is always planning to dupe the artists in the name of their career building. Following are the disadvantages of contacting such agents:

  • Money-Mindedness- They are primarily concerned with earning money from the sources and those sources are the careers who are looking to develop themselves. These agents are running their business at last. They are lured for money.
  • Hit and Miss- They can arrange a few contacts from their touts and often would use big names to persuade people to take their services. If someone, by chance get an opportunity in the industry though not because of them, they will try to exaggerate their own capabilities and they will try to do extreme show-off with posters and banners.  
  • Reliability issues- These agencies are mostly unreliable. If you invest your time and money as fees and you still do not succeed then you will surely go to these agents. They will try to shrug off their commitments that were made to you by them. They would not like to entertain you because they must be busy with other candidates you are going to face the same issue.
  • Lack of Knowledge- They mostly lack knowledge about the industry as they like you are also completely relied on secondary research. So, they will recommend you the options according to their own knowledge and secondary research.
Nothing should lure your potential
Nothing should lure your potential

Casting agencies in India

Look at the following agencies that may help you get your break. Do proper research about these agencies then go for it and you can also drop this idea if will not find it suitable for you. These are some suggestions:

DM Stars India, Delhi (Projects/ Assignments)

Modeling and Casting agencies, Mumbai

NIMS Modeling Agency

Satin Models India

Skywalk Entertainment

Aura Coordination and Production Private Limited

Balaji Academy of Talents

Talent always succeeds
Talent always succeeds


Take your time in a proper account so that you could not lag behind when the process is going on. You have to be always present on the spot whenever there is need of an actor. It is not a tough process the way it is framed. You can drop your contact, emails, and portfolios wherever you find it suitable. There is no need to involve any third person in the process to confuse you. If you will be fitting the role means you are selected and you will be contacted. With your continuous efforts, you may not realize that you are pushing yourself a step closer to your dreams. They will call you back as they know that the role will fit you. This practice will give you the confidence to give auditions for different roles.

Your work experience will always help as the entertainment industry need skills and talents which are required to be polished and make it fluent till the time. You have to be patient as your performance is continuously observed. Don’t carry a banner of ‘No’ to an opportunity. You may be expected to act versatile but when you will limit yourself then no one can recommend you in the future. Acting is a prediction of a real life situation so you should not play it framed. If you want to get a practical experience then arrange for yourself a visit to on location shoots and observe everyone. Take out the detailed insights from them.


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