The best way to express yourself is Dance. Picking every beat of the music is dance. Getting lost in the euphony of moves is Dance. The art which need not be defined is Dance. Imagining yourself in the songs is Dance. Love for presentation is Dance.

Enough is the mention to make a song out of these lines then dance on its accent. It is a vernacular mechanism of reframing an existing environment by a beautiful soul. The concept of dance was very well characterized by Bollywood actress Dipika Padukone in the movie Happy New Year that dance is an art (Dance ek art hai).

Professional requirements

  • CV- You need to fill all your personal details (your name, Professional summary, address, education, skills, work experience, hobbies, and interests). Include the rest of the information in the portfolio.
  • Portfolio
  • Photos- Include your photos in different dancing postures. Try to highlight your portfolio with the dance form you are specialized and trained in. This can open chances for you to excel in that particular dance form in the future. You may not be a professional dancer right now but get your photographs clicked by a professional photographer.
  • Shooting- To give proper shots as a dancer you should be well prepared with your costumes, makeup, and props else, you have to satisfy yourself in something less than what you wanted and unsatisfactory according to the level of expectation of the recruiters. Please don’t go beyond your comfort because it can lead to injuries. You may have to repeat the same shot again and again for perfection.
  • DVDs- A DVD of your performance is a must. It can more precisely shape you as a dancer. The dance on the DVD must look professional. It must not be like a freestyle dancing which you just have performed casually in order to do the formality.
  • Experience- Don’t forget to mention your experiences as a dancer. Mention all your specialized performances till date. Please mention the dance competitions that you have participated in during your school and college lives and after that.
active agility dancer
active agility dancer

Types of Dancers in India

There are two kinds of dance adopted in India one is the dance types that are based in India and the other one is western which is now openly adopted.

  • Original Dance- These main classical dance forms in India has its unique spirit. These Indian dance forms are respected, prayed and performed. None of the minute detail is ignored. Here’s a brief introduction to each dance form:
  • Kathak- A dance of northern India, Kathak is frequently an act of affection. It is performed by two people. The developments incorporate complex footwork emphasized by bells (ghoongru) worn around the ankles and adapted signals adjusted from ordinary non-verbal communication.
  • Bharatanatyam- It is a dance form of Southern India. As the South is rich in the art so is the dance. It is a temple dance performed by women with their legs slightly bent and fingers speaking on the rhythms. Their expressions also dance with the rhythm. So, expressions must not be dropped in between the performance.
  • Kuchipudi- Another entry in this classical world is from Andhra Pradesh from South Eastern India. This dance performed on the basis of proper holy rituals and acknowledging the Goddesses. Previously, this dance was performed by men and also, they performed in the attire of women. Now both men and women perform this dance.
  • Odissi- This dance form is a native of Orissa that which is situated in Eastern India. This dance form is archaeologically connected to its roots. This is supposed to have around 50 mudras as dance steps. It is considered to be the oldest form of classical dance in India.
  • Manipuri- As the name hints, this art of dance originates from Manipur. It depicts the life of Lord Krishna. The costume wore by the artists are unique especially the female’s dress. The dance is sometimes followed by the narratives in the background.
  • Kathakali- One more dance that is opposite to Kuchipudi’s origin, Southwest. This dance adopts its themes from holy books like Ramayana and Shaiva traditions. The most special part of this dance is makeup and head cover.
  • Mohiniyattam- It is a popular dance form in Kerala. Its costume is a combination of red, white, and golden with golden ornaments. It showcases a very graceful and elegant form of dance. The songs used here are a combination of Sanskrit and Malayalam Language.
  • Western dance- The idea of this dance form originated from foreign countries but later the western dance forms were adopted by Indians as well. The most commonly used dance styles are Salsa, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Break dancing, Freestyle, Jazz, Ariel, contemporary, pole dancing. They are mainly used for entertainment purpose. Unlike classical dance, there are no religious obligations associated with this art. Costumes are assigned for the dance but only for the authorized performers.

Dutiful Dramatization of Indian Acts through Dance

classical dancer
classical dancer

Career as a Dancer

Dancing does not provide enough money initially. Dancers are not directly higher in extensive pay rates. These are few of the chosen career as a dancer:

  • Professor- You can be a dance teacher in a school. To qualify as a professor of dance you need to have Bachler’s degree in Performing Arts and a Master’s degree in Fine Arts.
  • Choreographer- This is another level in the career of the dance passionates. You have scope in the film and television industry. If your efforts support then one day you can be a celebrity Choreographer.
  • Artist- If you are interested in being a professional in dancing but are not willing to actually dance then you and your experiences can be good at clicking the pictures of the dancers, arranging their costumes according to the of the shots.
  • Theme designer- You can also instruct your team about how to design a set for a theme dance performance. You can come up with the ideas that can be validated into a full-fledged dance.

Dancing is an entertainment, exercise, and pleasure which can be achieved when we can get totally involved in it. If you are keen on dancing and are willing to take this forwards then dutifully dramatize you Indian act and comes as ‘the next celebrity’.


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