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After accomplishing your dream as a model you must be passionate enough of trying your potential of being Ms. Delhi. We’ll suggest you go ahead. Yes! after being involved in the years of busy efforts, now is the time to come in the picture. This platform will give a boost to your self- confidence and career.

Manushi Chiller who had once been a student at St. Thomas Girls School, Delhi and a medical student at Bhagat Phool Singh Medical College, Sonipat won Miss World 2017 pageant. She has admitted that living in Delhi has made it possible for her to win the Fbb Colors Femina Miss India World 2017. She boosted up her confidence and had learned to speak for herself. She chose to inspire young girls to pursue their passions along with their studies.

A simple suggestion for every boy and girl is not to leave yourself behind those who you feel are superior to you. If you have the intention of giving your ideas a thought then you definitely have the power to express and execute yourself. Give your ideas wings to fly otherwise what good are wings without an act of courage to fly.


In this world of modernization everyone, especially the young generation is adopting a western culture in their livelihood from dressing sense to food habits to the living standard. We may not realize but we are willingly or unintentionally working towards a greater frame of mind.  The objective behind this idea is to make the young generation and the coming generations more open and flexible to the changes.

To be more inclined towards this journey you should prepare yourself for the things that are going to help you succeed without any wrong decision. Even if you are wrong then try to work towards the solution and please don’t do the same mistake.

What affects the most- Opinions or manipulations?


Once you will discuss your desire to participate in Ms. or Mr. Delhi then you will be showered with a lot of opinions from your family and peers and mostly from the people whom you don’t even know. But there is nothing to feel surprised about as it is a human tendency to shower their opinions on you in the name of the blessings whenever you try to think about going offline from what people usually think.


Opinions are still better than manipulations because people may manipulate you to serve their own purpose. And because the competition is really very tough so, don’t ignore the reality that you are in the direction to achieve what you were craving for since long.

Personality Development

Personality Development

Personality Development

Develop your personalities like divas, heroines, hero, and dudes because soon you are going to be in the limelight.

  • Proper stature- A good figure, height, and attitude are generally accepted for Ms. / Mr. Delhi contest. Remember, do not behave clumsily even after possessing these qualities.
  • Decent look- You should know what your examiner is looking for in you. You should portray your look according and please don’t try to show what you are not. It may leave a bad image of you in front of the trainers and the judges.
  • Proactive attitude- Never leave anything for later. This kind of attitude may show that you are not interested in the contest, you are taking this casually or just for time pass or a hit or miss try. So, please look like you are really interested in this competition and you are just motivated to be a flag bearer for the other candidates.
  • Pitching- Choose your words wisely. You should be more expressive through your body language. In this busy world, no one would like to listen to you or your long endless stories so never get carried away just because you feel it is correct.


Skywalk Entertainment

This is an opportunity for the freshers. Skywalk Entertainment is one of the biggest and best modeling agencies which organizes Mr. and Ms. Delhi contest yearly. It is specialized in modeling, acting, and entertainment. It is good for casting models and actors. Its services include film promotions, celebrity management, and modeling photo shoot. You have to register yourself and apply for auditions if you are interested. You need to make some efforts in order to get opportunities like this. The basis of selection is as follows:

• Your Introduction

• Presentation of you as a personality

• Justified replies to all the questions

Now, even the school and colleges are organizing the competitions like Ms. And Mr. Freshers and Ms. And Mr. Farewell. All your modeling lessons will help groom your personality of the contests. Things that matters are the way you conduct yourself. If this is your first time then do not hesitate to take tips from the industry and go forwards with your potential. So, never forgot your best in search of very best.


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