Inculcating Healthy Habits

The efficient ways to inculcate healthy habits in You

Health is wealth and this is an evergreen concept. Being healthy is the biggest achievement in life. If you are not fit mentally and physically then it is a problem as there is no energy left in you to update your manpower. If you want to achieve any higher degree in your life then look at your health first and care about the rest later. If your body is working regularly without fatigue it means that you are fit. Gone are the times when a fat person was called healthy and belonging to a wealthy family. Now, the fit people with good studded looks are appreciated. Health inculcates the whole body structure from muscles, tooth’s to bones and brains.


When we talk about health all what we think about is food and the rest comes later. Food does not mean to keep eating.

  • Light Breakfast after you wake up- Prefer light breakfast in the morning. Some people prefer heavy breakfast early in the morning but the one who is planning to go to the entertainment industry must try to satisfy themselves in light breakfast.
  • Half an hour of physical exercise- Remember, you have to shed the fat and remain fit. This is the magic of exercises.
  • An hour of meditation- After juggling the whole day you may want an hour of peace and isolate yourself. This can be hard to achieve if you are surrounded too much with people as well as work. Get out of the crowd, find a quiet space for yourself and forget about the worries of the world, focus your mind and brain at a point and start meditating.
  • Three meals in a day– Three meals a day is mandatory. You want to stay slim does not mean not to eat. Food is the main source of energy in any living being so don’t compromise your health by dropping your daily meal. It can only cause you harm. If you will be engaged in physical activities with empty stomach then weakness will surmount you which can stop you from leading a good physical and mental health.
  • Regular gym in the evening- Never stop yourself from eating because when you will eat then only you will stay fit. Gyms, yoga, and exercises serve its purpose by giving you a healthy shape. Gym focuses on increasing your muscle power rather than encouraging belly fat. Do regular weights at the gym in order to burn calories.
Water as a source of good health
Water as a source of good health
  • Consume water regularly- Water is composed of Ho2 i.e., hydrogen and oxygen. The moment supply of oxygen is stopped, you are gone. Keep your body hydrated with at least 4 liters (8 glasses) of water per day.
  • Eat fruits at intervals for the refreshment- Fruits have good nutritional values, you must keep on adding nutrients in a day. Fruits and vegetables play complementary roles to each other. Fruits provide nutrients like Vitamin A, C, Potassium, Folate, and dietary fibers.
  • Keeping yourself away from unhealthy thoughts is also considered as living a healthy life. The negative thoughts can create a traffic jam of negative thoughts which can take a lot of time to disperse.
  • Keep yourself away from the stress that can lead to mismanagement in your daily activities. Your mind must only know that you have to stay fit and you can take all measures to attain proper fitness, nothing else.
  • Proper maintenance of health will keep you away from vulnerable diseases but even if it happens then you will be having enough strength to fight the same.

Health is wealth as an ‘Evergreen concept’


Addiction to good habits is not a bad idea but being obsessed with an unhealthy diet is a completely a bad idea. Addiction is never helpful neither in short term nor in long term. The way which proves hazardous for us includes alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, etc. It is just not about alcohol or cigarettes overuse of just anything is not according to the health standards.

If you really want addiction then get addicted to healthy habits to improve your working conditions and don’t degrade yourself below the bottom line.

A rejoicing life with good health
A rejoicing life with good health


Laughing your heart out is the best way to keep yourself healthy. Laugh at everything that you find funny because there should be nothing left in you that bother you. Shed your sadness in laughter and share your joy through laughter.

Both mental and physical wellness are related. You may land up in depression and stress if you are regularly affected by chronic diseases, for example, due to money problems or your introvert nature. The meaning and structure of health are evolving with time. But the concept of good health is not clear yet in most of the people, they even now regard being healthy as overeating. Never mind in being a little candid when it comes to health and overall wellness.


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