Benefits of Ayurveda
How can Ayurveda upgrade your life


Ayurveda! Yes, you have heard this right. Ayurveda can really enhance your health as well as beauty. Ayurveda products are household materials which have an ability to serve various purposes. The added advantage to these is that it doesn’t carry side effects along. Yoga is also an Ayurvedic Treatment for a fit body. Most of the common people including actor and actress are adopting healthy fashion style through yoga and promoting the same. The Bollywood figures like Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sushmita Sen, Malaika Arora, etc. Ayurveda involves full body development. It consists of health and physique.

Benefits of Yoga

Ayurveda starts from Yoga that does not demand any special privilege from the people who are adopting Ayurveda.

  • Makes you versatile– Yoga has the potential to keep us healthy and a healthy person can adapt in any environment as he is not choosy anymore. Our body will have the potential to face situations anywhere. There will be less chance of getting affected by any disease.
  • Improves moldability–  There are many yoga asanas to design the flexibility of body like Chakra-asana, Dhanurasana, Kapotasana, Natrajasana, etc.
  • Respiratory help– Yogas like Pranayam can help improve your respiratory capabilities.
A Healthy Process of being Healthy
A Healthy Process of life
  • Weight control- If you are doing regular yoga then there is less chance of gaining fat. The recommended yoga asanas are Surya Namaskara, Naukasana, Ushtrasana, Bhujangasana, Tadasana, Dhanurasana, etc. A limited belly fat gives you more energy to participate in physical activities.
  • Builds muscles- You will not feel weak if you have a proper body muscle. You will not be prone to physical injuries.
  • Posture enhancement- As yoga is all about postures and posing in a proper posture, that’s why the posture is enhanced and the flexibility is maintained.
  • Joints flexibility- It is just not about muscles, it is also about your bone strength. Bones makes a pivotal body structure. Muscles may take a few days to rebuild but bones can take months to heal if fractured.

Ayurvedic Diet

An ayurvedic diet includes boiled vegetables and fruits. These are less spicy and healthy to eat. Eating an ayurvedic or organic diet does not mean that you are into a very simple lifestyle and your eating habits are getting too boring. Organic food can be equally tasty, in fact, we are consuming organic food in our daily lives. Vegetables are organic which we eat on a daily basis and our Indian spices are organic as well. So, how can we say that we are not leading an organic life? The problem is junk food which is attracting youth in the name of being a modern diet.

A simple diet to enhance your life
A simple diet to enhance your life
  • All the dairy products like milk, ghee, and curd are ayurvedic diet. We can also enjoy different varieties of sweets that are made of these dairy products and this can’t be unhealthy to eat.
  • Water consumption is must in a day as it ensures a regular supply of oxygen in our body and it keeps our body hydrated with regular intake of water. You can also consume water in the form of juice. It has the capability of releasing all the toxins from your body. Because of a lack of essential fluids in our body, it may dehydrate our body which can lead to headache. With the increase in metabolism in our body our face automatically starts glowing as most of the dust is removed from our body.
  • Lemons in the form of lime juice or in food helps maintains the digestion of the body. It contains Vitamin C and also prevents the body from being dehydrated. Don’t consume lemonade with sugar otherwise, it will give no effect in the digestive system. Lemons can also help in shedding the unnecessary calories in our body. This can help us to maintain the weight of our body.
  • Treat the almonds in water, peel it the next morning and eat. It will help you in gaining energy and your brain will get sharper.
  • Sprouts with moong beans contain Vitamin B, C, and K. It can make your bones stronger, control calories and reduce fiber from your body. It also instills the body with enough proteins that can help in blood clotting during an increase of blood flow in the body from the vessels at the time of injury. Vitamin B helps our body use carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in our diet. Vitamin B helps in converting food into energy.
  • Spinach is the best way to improve nutrients intake. It manages blood sugar, and liver. Other leafy products like this serves the same purpose. These are good for skin, hair, and bones. It is also rich in iron, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Fruits are always an added advantage to food. The extra nutritional values are always enumerated by fruits.
  • Lassi is not just famous in Punjab, it is equally an important part of lunch and breakfast all over India. It is good for all and helps in the digestive system, bone health, and immune system.
 An easy doctor at home
An easy doctor at home


Ayurveda plays an extremely prominent role in the field of medicines as well. These medicines are easily affordable for even the economically weaker classes. When all the remedies are available in the home then what is the need to go and look for imported or Allopathic medicines? People who knew about these medicines used them but slowly people became more aware of these medicines and they started using the same.

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Ayurvedic medicines will not give you feel of having medicines because they are taken so easily in our daily lives. Here are a few examples:

  • Turmeric milk- Milk is a complete food and when a pinch of turmeric is added in it then it converts into a medicine. It reduces the risk of high blood pressure, inflammation, and joint pain. It also enhances brain and memory activities. There can be many other benefits attached to it that we may not know.
  • Turmeric- If turmeric can turn milk into medicine then how can it not heal our injuries independently. You can mix turmeric with water and apply the same in the cuts in your body. Cover your wound with a band if you have to go out.
  • Honey- Honey can be your medicine in many forms but the honey which is talked about here is what we actually consume. It is sweet and can be used as a sweet medicine as well. Honey mixed with black pepper, ginger juice, and tulsi leaves is great medicine for cough. All you have to do is to take ginger, tulsi, and black pepper, make a paste out of these three ingredients and mix in with honey. Remember that you should use only a spoon or maximum of two spoons of it at once.  This is the best ayurvedic medicine to stop cough slowly.
  • Garlic- Garlic is good for those who do not avoid its use. Take two to four garlic at a time depending on its size, peel it off and bring it in contact with the flames to cook it. Pay attention it should not burn. Consume one glass water before you take garlic at night and don’t drink water for minimum one hour after eating it. Please avoid its excess use in summers as it can create much heat in your body that is not even needed.
  • Water- Getting dehydrated or unconscious because of a decrease in water consumption is also not OK. Consume water and increase the glucose level in your body.
  • Salt and water– Some people might be allergic even to ayurvedic products. It is the need to come up with different alternatives for them. Mostly, people are not allergic to these two crucial ingredients, i.e. salt and water. If you can feel a little disturbance in your throat then mix a pinch of salt in a glass of water and boil them mildly then drink it or clear your throat, whichever is suitable.
  • Ginger and salt- If you are coughing all the time in a day then take small piece ginger, cook it in gas then pour a pinch of salt in it. Keep it in your mouth, don’t it eat it, and just taste it because later you have to throw it.
  • Carom seeds (ajwain) and rock salt (black salt)– Make a paste (powder) of these two ingredients, eat it and drink little boiled water just after eating this. This is good when you have a stomach ache or some digestion related problem.

Above mentioned are some of the easiest ways to attain a healthy life and upgrading your life with the least number of complexities. These ideas are the most pocket-friendly, beauty ideas to carry on with. If markets charge high for the same things then drop the idea of borrowing from them.


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