A support can create a difference

It has been an ironical possession of dramatic life. The reality is often left half told. We have a tendency to make normal things dramatic. If we can take a look in history, we can ask ourselves an interesting question- ‘who are we? The obvious answer is- We are ‘human beings’. But here is a doubt-’Really’?


History says that human beings have created history. They were the lucky creature to speak, feel and sense everything on earth. History has its account of human actions, ideal, beliefs, and endowments. With the passage of time, they forget about their own existence. They are getting mad with the new things that they are coming across. Everyone is born a human. Their behavior varies according to different situations. Heart speaks loudest sidelining what brain says forgetting the cries of the soul.

The advent of this craziness is subjected to the entertainment industry and there is a ‘happiness in this madness’. According to human behavior, we acknowledge people whom we appreciate and want to see them blossoming like a “Celebrity”. We want to pamper them like our dear ones. Out of curiosity, we try to peep in their lives because we feel that their life is full of entertainment and Prosperousness.

The celebrities influence millions of people in India as well as outside. If they trying to persuade us for something or some cause then they should first keep themselves in this situation. Currently, most of the rural and few from the urban population let themselves get easily persuaded by what a celeb is saying. But celebrities do warn us before taking any step because they are paid for what they are doing. Moreover, there is nothing forced on us, it is ultimately our choice and we are responsible for our actions.

Celebrities can actually create a lot of difference for their fans. The actions taken by them must be relevant to people. They are even contributing to social and environmental causes.

A start can bring great change
A start can bring great change

Celebrities working for the cause

John Abraham- Joh Abram is actively working on raising funds for the charity. He has been leading celebrities marathons. He has also donated money for funds in hospitals. John owns his brigade ‘Habitat for Humanity’.

Nandita Das- Nandita Das is a notable on screen character. He has a string of amazing exhibitions in the movies like Fire, Earth, Bawandar, Before the Rains and numerous different movies. She has acted in more than 30 feature movies, in ten unique dialects, with chiefs of universal notoriety like Deepa Mehta, Adoor Gopalakrishnan, Mrinal Sen, Shyam Benegal, Mani Ratnam, and others. Nandita’s contribution to selfless work started genuinely right off the bat in life when she did her Masters in Social Work from the presumed Delhi School of Social Work.

Following this formal preparing in social work she worked in non-legislative associations in various pieces of India. She filled in as the venture organizer in ‘Ankur’, a non-legislative association, moving in the direction of strengthening of ladies; and as a mentor in ‘Alarippu,’ a deliberate association where she led workshops for youngsters and educators, in inventive training.

From that point forward, throughout the years, while being a globally Fruitful the Movie on-screen character and executive she has likewise battled for various effective causes. She is likely also referred to as dissident as a film individual. Indeed, every movie selected by her has been in accordance with her promise to have any kind of effect.

Nandita is enthusiastically included with different civil societies associations and developments and is regularly observed at the front line of deliberate causes and social support.

Gul Panag- Gul Panag is has been Miss India. She is associated with an NGO, Colonel Shamsher Singh Foundation. It works for a range of causes like education, disaster management, and gender equality. She has become an idol for fellow women. She played challenging roles in the movies Dhoop, Manorama Six Feet Under, and Dor. Her NGO also gives chance to people to provide online volunteering in the Portal Social Outreach and Accreditation Program. She was also a part of the India Against Corruption Movement.

She had also participated in  Delhi Half Marathon in 2010. She is also regular on social networking sites. She also came forward for The One Billion Rising Campaign that was organized against violence against women and the gender biases afflicted women. She later joined Aam Aadmi Party and contested elections from Chandigarh.

Till now, she has looked after various issues especially women, women harassment, violence against women and few political issues. She has personally interacted with the women of slums and tried to know about who had lost their newborn children because of the unhygienic conditions pre and post-pregnancies. She had launched Anti- Tobacco campaigns and appeared in my talk shows which were centered around the topics of gender issues.

we can bring a better tomorrow

we can bring a better tomorrow

  • Dia Mirza- Dia Mirza is a formal Asia Pacific 2000. She has made a place for her in Bollywood long ago. Like other Bollywood celebrities, she is also associated with social causes and public welfare. As she is Ms. Asia Pacific so she is associated with various social media clubs. She believes in playing a role in nation building. She has been involved with Cancers Patients Aid Association and Spastics Society of India. She had worked with the Government of Andhra Pradesh to stretch HIV awareness. Her efforts have been consistent in providing a healthy environment. She is trying to motivate people to come out of their homes and provide a healthy home to our environmental creatures as well.

In order to develop direct contact with people, she wrote several articles in the Hindustan Times and other publication and newspapers occasionally as a guest writer. Currently, she is appointed as UN Environment’s Goodwill Ambassador for India. She always tries to persuade people to look after their own health. She says that if we are keeping our surroundings clean then there is very little possibility of us getting inflicted by any disease.

  • Amitabh Bachchan Our Big B is surely not lagging in playing his part in social causes and bringing a change for the people. According to what he has observed in these years through shows, the cause behind every problem is poverty. He had once traveled in train to raise charity for the cancer patients in India. He had been UN Ambassador for Girl Child. He has supported PETA, MIJWAN Welfare Society and worked on Polio Eradication programs. The tagline of Polio Eradication- ‘Do Boond Zindagi Ki’ had a mass effect. Now, rarely any Indian forget to get two polio drops done to their children. He has now a face of polio eradication campaigns.

Few more causes have been Beti Bachao, Swachh Bharat mission, Polio, Tuberculosis Hepatitis.

This turn towards social causes came in his life when he met with a serious accident in the movie ‘Coolie’. He was in need of blood and one among whom donated him his blood had Hepatitis B. From that time he had decided to work for the people infected by this disease.

Help in change
Help in change

People all over the world are to a great extent are affected by their role models and those role models are these celebrities. If these celebrities are fully focused on spreading a good message and positivity then this can have a huge impact on the people. This will create a better India. Celebrities lives create a lot of difference other than acting in films and getting clicked by media and paparazzi.


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