Get ready for Miss India

Get ready to address billions of your fan following because you are now a step closer to your dreams. You need to wave gracefully and pose perfectly for the paparazzi. Learn to walk like a model, behave like a celebrity and leave your grace in the red carpet. Regular interviews for various magazines, news channels, booklets will be a day in and day out activities for you.  Being the main headline on the front page of the newspaper will sound like a dream turning true in real life. So, learn to handle this stardom now.

It has been quite long since you have been yearning to do something invaluable for your nation. Miss India is a contest organized by a women’s magazine, Femina published by The Times Group. Miss India is a beauty pageant, representative and fame of our country, India.

Attributes of Miss India

Get Ready to become next Miss India

If you are willing to give a boost to your modeling and acting career or you are already excelling in this field then please consider “Miss India” title as a change that will create a landmark for you and this will pave way for other prominent events in your life. Here are some attributes related to a Miss India personality. If you think that this is you then please acknowledge this opportunity and don’t think of giving up this chance.

  • Faith- Have faith in yourself that you will do it, you don’t care how hard this competition is and no matter if you will be the next Miss India or not. The only focus of your six senses must be that “I want to go ahead” and above all, “I can do this”.
  • Be Positive– You should never let any negative and uncomfortable thoughts surround you.
  • Pitch nicely– You have to present yourself nicely to the judges. Tell the most striking points about your personality.
  • Proper diet– A Miss India contestant must have a proper body tone. Eat carefully in proper quantity because an imbalanced diet can lead to anxiety, digestion issues, and nervousness. Otherwise, you will pray to God to avoid any blunder on the stage.
  • Time Management– You are obliged to do too many things in a given frame of time. So, avoid an overlapping of the schedules and manage your time so that you can have a good sleep at the end of the day.

Eligibility criteria

  • Height must be above  5 feet and 5 inches, below this, is not entertained. Height is the first feature which everyone considers while thinking about a model.
  • An identity proof that you are a citizen of India is required. Carry with you a passport, Birth Certificate, and School Leaving Certificate for the sake of address and identity proof.
  • Your age must be between 18 to 25 years before 31st December. If your age is between  25 to 27 years then you can compete for the Runner up positions.
  • You must be unmarried and single. Even engaged girls are not regarded.
  • No criminal background should exist.
  • Above all, you must be a citizen of India.

Unfolding an inborn glamour inside you

How to apply?

Miss India 2019 auditions are ongoing so, you can follow for the steps and procedure involved and also go through the previous year’s pattern of conducting the event.

  • Registration– Registrations are online. Go to the Femina Miss India page and carefully fill all accurate details in the space provided. Choose and upload the required files. Click submit on the same page to know about audition dates and venue.
  • The selection process starts here. 3 girls from each state are selected and they are further divided into the areas of skin care, diet, fitness, and spirituality.
  • These 3 contestants from each state will be competing with each other at the State Zonal crowning ceremony.
  • A winner from each state will represent her state in the Grand Finale of Miss India.


Models getting ready for Ramp Walk
Models getting ready for Ramp Walk
  • Dress- First of all, decide your dress for the main event and note that it must be flurry and shimmery. Look for a quality dress in order to avoid any wardrobe malfunction. Your heels should be good enough to show your height up to 3-4 inches taller than your original height.
  • Public Speaking– Speak in front of the mirror how you will be talking in front of the audience and look at your body language while you are speaking.
  • Resume– Know your resume deeply. Don’t forget about the information that you have mentioned in your resume. The resume gives a brief reflection of your personality so do not deviate from what has been mentioned is your resume.
  • Tonality in speaking– Make proper use of words and vocabulary in the sentence. Prefer English as the medium of communication. You have to speak conveniently and fluently.  Please use pause fillers if you are sort of words while speaking. The communication should not break and then resume.
  • Q & A round-Assume the questions that can be asked during the question and answer round so that you can be instantly ready to put up the answers.
  • Updates– Keep yourself updated with the current events like fashion trend or any trending topic in India. This can be asked to know your potential as Miss India and how can you work on these issues if you are once Miss India. Have a look at these magazines:
  1. Femina
  2. Vogue
  3. Savvy
  4. Harper’s Bazar
  5. Cosmopolitan, and you can refer to many more fashion magazines.
  • Makeup- Always use accurate makeup and right product that suits your skin in order to avoid allergies or skin infections. Keep your skin hydrated and use nice perfume for fragrance. These are some of the recommended and good beauty products:
  1. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun- UV screen matte gel (Suns cream).
  2. Gulab Jal Spray
  3. Loreal Paris Mat Magique Compact
  4. Nivea Lip bam or Baby lip
  5. Maybelline Kajal

These are the preceding steps towards the world of fashion and glamour that you have been looking for since long. You should not dither from these steps towards your ambition. You have now stepped in the ship which is already set on a voyage. Now, you should be ready to wear the crown and proudly say that “Yes! I represent my country INDIA”.


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