How to become an Actor

Acting is about engaging and entertaining the audience so that they can relax and enjoy in their free time. Being entertained is entirely different from actually entertaining. But before assuming acting as your career you need to make sure that you are ready to face any circumstance and struggle in the process. What purpose do you serve as an actor? Just don’t say that you are interested in acting. Why you want to pursue acting as a career and how will you convince others will still be a question.

Elements of acting

Acting can also be defined as performance being critically analyzed and kept for testing in different circumstances according to the different modules and elements of acting.

  • Emotions- Emotions brings out an aroma of acting just like spices brings out flavors in a cuisine. If we are not getting the feel of the emotions that the actor is trying to show then he fails in his purpose.
  • Versatility- An actor should be versatile enough to showcase his/ her ability as a dynamic actor else, pick up a type of role that you’ll be playing throughout your life.
  • Rhythm- The personality of you as an actor should be spontaneous. The viewers should not feel that they are watching you acting, they must see you like a character who is engrossed in his role.
  • Appearance- An appearance is the first thing that helps the viewers to differentiate between the characters. Proper costume i.e, hair, makeup, and props are pivotal for all your appearances while acting.

Basic level of learning in school- Promotions of Acting as a career

The young generation is claiming to be born actors from their school and college levels. So, the acting enthusiasts please come forward and show what you feel. Most of Schools and colleges nowadays contribute a lot in encouraging their students and the youth to participate in events organized in the campus yearly. If anyone is young here then please consider the tits and bits of the areas of your desire and a passion to achieve the same.

Before assuming yourself as an actor/ actress you need to introduce yourself to the basics of acting. The school functions encourage you to participate in competitions and cultural events. You can get to learn a lot about acting in school. Above all, it helps in confidence building.

  • Assembly- You have been to school daily early in the morning. Just after reaching your school you have to gather in the hall for the assembly. You offer soothing prayers to Goddess Saraswati and seek her blessings. After this, the coordinator proceeds other activities in the school. Today, almost every school is doing some sort of activities. This opportunity is available for everyone, anyone can come and participate in the assembly besides just standing in the lines. You can recite a poem and say the thought of the day.
  • Events- Do participate in the yearly functions like Annual Day, Sports day, Zonals and the related events. It will give you recognition in the school and if your efforts support you can get a chance to move a step ahead and your name will be recommended by your teachers for the events inside and outside your school.
  • Few of the events are as follows:
  1. Inter-house Competition- You should participate in an inter-house competition in your school and represent your house (team). The categories can include debate, poem, singing, etc.
  2. Inter-school Competition- If you are excelling enough in your school activities then definitely go for the competitions with the other schools at zonal levels. You may not excel at once but you will definitely win one day. Never let nervousness overtake your confidence. The motive behind these activities is to instill confidence in students so that they can face the crowd and the audiences later in their lives.
Shooting in Field
Shooting in Field

College Level Preparations to become an actor

Acting is a career which does not ask for any qualification. Even a basic qualification can help if you have a good knowledge of how to speak and present yourself as an actor. But, yes you should be experienced enough in theatres. Also, you need to work as associates to the directors or an insider who can give you the basic ideas of the insights that can help you in the future. Always try to work on some projects related to acting or participate in the backstage task. You must have knowledge related to camera angles as in, how you portray your looks on the screen.

Now, we are confident enough that you have developed an interest in acting so we are here to give you a direction until it becomes your passion.

We believe that you have groomed yourself to some extent from your school life and please do not hesitate to showcase your potential to your peers in your college. If you are sure about continuing acting then please choose the college confidently.

Colleges offering acting courses in India:

  • Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU): JNU is one of the most prestigious universities in India. It was established on April 22, 1969.

Courses offered at JNU

Compulsory Courses-

1.Cinema Studies

I.  Indian Cinema: Past and Present (Masters)

Ii. Introduction to Film Studies (Masters)

2. Theatre and Performance Studies

I.   Interpreting Theatre and Performance: Social, Historical and Cultural Models

ii. World Theatre: Theory and Practice

  • Jamia Millia Islamia offers Post Graduate Diploma course in Acting
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU): The School of Performing and Visual Arts (IGNOU) offers six months to two years Certificate course in Performing Arts- Theatre Arts (CPATHA), Bharatnatyam (CPABN), Visual Arts- Painting (CVAP) and Applied Arts (CVAA). These are a distance education programme offered by IGNOU for all age groups.
  • Film and Television Institute of India: It offers 3 Year PG Diploma in Direction and Screenplay, Cinematography, Editing, Acting and many more. A Bachelor from any Discipline can opt for any of these course as per their interest.
  • National Institute of Film and Fine Arts: NIIFA, 27 years old film studies institute is located in Bhawanipur, Kolkata. It believes in creating students community mentored under the finest faculty.
  • University of Calicut: An another place which enhances the arts, literature, and culture of India is the University of Calicut which is situated in Kerala. The students can opt for a 3 years degree course in Theatre Arts.
  • Bhartendu Academy of Dramatic Arts: This institute is located in Lucknow. It has been offering 2 years full-time course in theatre training. This institute is known by Bharatendu Harishchandra who is also called the “Father of Hindi Literature”.
  • National School of Drama: It is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. Direction, Dramatic Literature, Production and Culture studies are few among the courses that it offers.

Let us have a look at what kind of plays constitute acting and are performed since school life.

College play
College play

Types of Plays: A basic idea.

  1. Tragedies-Tragedy is considered to be the best part of acting. It depicts the credentials of the literary works. Tragedy does not mean any kind of physical or material loss. It is about the adventures undertaken by the protagonist in order to counterattack the antagonist. The chronology of the events in the process is the tragedy.
  2. Comedies- Comedy plays also known as comic plays are no joke. Comedies are mostly fictional. The meaning of the comedy plays should be cleared precisely. Comedy does not only mean laughing your heart out. It can be defined as ‘an act being happily concluded that makes the audience satisfied in the end’.
  3. Histories- Unlike tragedies and comedies these plays are not fictional. These plays are history specific and the end can either be a comedy or a tragedy.
  4. Romances- As the name suggests, the romance plays revolves around the hero-heroine theme in which both of them are the lead actors/ pair of the play. Together they have a tussle against all the hurdles that are coming in their way of love.

An ambition towards Acting

Promote Yourself

Currently, if you are in college then you can try your luck in acting. You should start participating in college festivals like Fashion shows, modeling, plays, etc. Today, we have a lot of actor and actress who had started their career from modeling. Modeling is a good way to enhance your skills as an actor. These occasions can be really fruitful for you if you are serious enough for acting. You should participate in college-sponsored events for modeling. Promoting yourself is the best part to come closer to your goal. Initially, you will learn and later you will grasp these skills.

Create your PORTFOLIO

If you are about to complete your graduation then get ready with your portfolio and if your portfolio is not ready then do start it quickly because the opportunities do not wait. Here are some options which will help in developing your folder:

  • It is an online platform and database of artists like you to create portfolios and drop the necessary information about oneself. Note the points below to create your biography:
  • You must be a completely new user.
  • Make sure that also your works are mentioned on this page.
  • After entering the title of the page go down and click on the edit button.
  • Go to name- Enter your name in order
  • Mention your character name
  • Mention if you were a crew member
  • Attribute (if any)
  • Order (if any)
  • Check all the details you have entered so far and look for the correction (if any)
  • Congratulations! Now you are done with the steps longer process.
  • Now go and work on another website so that you should appear everywhere.
  • Yet another platform for you is Wikipedia. Go through these steps carefully:
  • Enter a title regarding your portfolio which did not exist till now in the search bar. You can see it as a red colored link which will let you know that this link does not exist for sure.
  • Click red link
  • You will be directed to a blank page. Enter text in the double brackets and then click publish.
  • Check on the preview button if everything is correct. Then click on the red link because now your page is created.
  • Congratulations! Your Wikipedia account is created as well. Filling the right details is your responsibility.


The best way to learn acting is to do theatre. Theatre will help you catch the minutest details about acting and will also guide you through various emotions. Here you will also learn the essential acting skills so that the person viewing your acting will start participating in the play. The situation can many times turn funny but trust me and your mentors that you have actually served your purpose.


You can start applying from your college days so that you can be picked up as early as possible just after completing your college.

– First, for all, get ready with your portfolio and links to your portfolio. The portfolio can be both online and offline. Please include your perfectly photographed pictures, perfectly edited videos, educational qualifications, and the related skills in your portfolio.

– Try to look for some references who can help you in auditions.

– Shower your portfolio with all your experiences.

– Start looking for small acts, plays, local films, and TV commercials.

– Start making your own contacts with the film related people. Various social media platforms can be used for this purpose.

– Try to contact the filmmakers, producers, directors, and the industry insiders through agents if it is directly not possible.

– Regularly attend the workshops to be more organized.

– Drop your number at every possible place so that they can give you a call if they need you.

– Register yourself on various apps and drop your portfolio in those apps.

– Lastly, go for the offers projects in hand and do not concentrate the amount of money they are giving you. Once, you will develop yourself through the short as well as long term projects then that day is not far when you will be considered highly experienced in your field.

Never leave anything for tomorrow because the competition is very tough. If you will leave the opportunity in hope of something better then you will only be waiting in the queue or either be kicked off the queue. Dream big and be passionate enough to reciprocate your dream into a reality.


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