The love for music is justified and the knowledge of instruments is invaluable. The use of instruments is a backbone for a singer. A person who has a close connection with the instruments and playing them as a passion and transforming the same passion and abilities into a profession is known as a musician. A composer, performer or a singer can also be a musician.

A musician has to go beyond just playing notes on an instrument. He has to know which instruments to pick up and begin influencing music to an extraordinary level for many individuals. If you want to end up as an artist then you have to figure out how to construct the abilities important to be the sort of player you need to be.

All that you need is the dedication to achieve your dreams and passion. We often come across music across music in our daily lives. You must have found an instrument at your home in your household objects like table, chair, bed and in kitchen utensils. The underprivileged people those you can’t afford to buy the specialized instruments arrange from these small things to name their passions.

Musical Notes
Musical Notes

Some tips to be a Musician

  • Pick up an instrument that suits your interests and shape your own bands. The needs may vary from place to situations. You can not remain confined to a particular music type. You need to figure out how to play a piece of music. Initially, you start with the instruments like piano, harmonium, guitar, or violin but later explore more instruments. Simultaneously, you can know which instrument can you play in a better tone.
  • The role of the piano has its own significance. Think about beginning on Piano regardless of whether you imagine yourself being a professional Piano player. If you want to establish yourself decently then start with a piano. The piano makes a significant useful instrument famous among the youths. It’s additionally a standout amongst the most adaptable instruments, played in traditional, pop, and numerous different styles of music.
  • Practice makes a man perfect, being instrumental needs energy so you need to contribute your time for practice. The sound beats and finishing of the instruments will sound better through regular practice. Look for the opportunities when and where you can practice. You will be astonished to hear your recordings after a lot of practice.
  • As a professional musician, you need to cooperate with the rest of your team to work in harmony and proper rhythm.
  • You should be qualified in music in order to have the minutest knowledge about instruments and how to play those.
  • Please interact with the world outside because your profession is in great demand outside then why not to grab every chance of getting exposure?
  • Do follow the rules and regulations of your workplace and try not to overrule the ethics. You have to definitely pay for going against the rules.


Find out about the established instruments. Utilized in show music, jazz, zip groups, swing groups, and different sorts of sheet-music played by instrumentalists, established instruments allude to a wide range of assortments of instruments played in composed proficient groups that play an option that is other than popular music. In the event that you cherish muddled, creative, and refined music and history, learning one of these instruments would be fitting for you.

musicians performing
musicians performing

Tips for handling the instruments

  • Remember, the instruments you are using or going to use are in good condition else, this may lead to minor or major injuries.
  • Handle your instrument properly.
  • Avoid rough usage of your system because you have to use the same instrument again in the future.
  • Check before your live performances as you may not get time to repair in between the performance.
  • Use mike if you want a loud sound for the audience.
  • Regular disturbance in your instruments can cost you heavy in pocket, time and career.
  • Keep it safely when not needed.

Types of Instruments

There is no boundary that exists now. Both traditional and western music are complementing each other and so is the instruments involved in its backdrop. These are both traditional and modern instruments used in India by youth as well as the rest of the interested generations:

  • Piano- Piano is considered to be a  classy instrument. You have to tap your fingers on the buttons of this instrument. This black and white combination makes a good equation with classy people. It is basically a western instrument adopted by Indians for the occasions.
  • Harmonium- It is a popular instrument for traditional music. It makes sound by blowing air through reeds, which are tuned to various pitches to make melodic notes. A harmonium can be made to work utilizing either the feet or the hands. Along these lines, the individual in question can just utilize one hand to play the keys as alternate needs to continue siphoning the cries.
  • Tabla- Tabla is utilized as a backup to other instruments. You can make wonderful combinations by blending Tabla with different instruments like guitar, drum, etc. It is mainly used to include two elements in music that is, ‘Taal’ and ‘Lay’.
  • Guitar- The main role in a guitar is played by the strings. You need to pluck the strings in order to give it music. Either the guitar is hollow inside or it may contain an amplifier or speaker. Guitars can be electric as well.
  • Violin- It may resemble guitar but it is a violin. It is small in size and mostly contains four strings. It belongs to western culture and it has a great tone.
  • Flute- This instrument is subjected to Lord Krishna. The smoothness of the song that it produces makes the listeners feel the utmost joy. A flute is related to nature
  • Brass- You can see this instrument both in India as well as in western countries. Its use is majorly common in weddings or an orchestra. The folk cultures and their music are traditionally driven.
  • Woodwinds- Woodwinds are made of composite materials and are played by vibrating a reed that is held in a mouthpiece. Creating an unmistakable warm and woody sound, woodwinds are utilized in traditional music and jazz, and saxophones are utilized frequently in popular music.
musical instrument
musical instrument

Qualifications of a Musician

  • Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma in any discipline (preferably music, dance, drama or instrumental) from any known college or university.
  • Inborn and developed skills like confidence, versatility, creativity, and harmonious behavior.
  • Fluency in body language

Without a doubt, music is such a general media which has the ability to rise above every topographical limit. Most likely, it mitigates feelings and can express internal emotions. Once in a while, we all were associated directly with the music.

For a profession in music, ability and readiness to buckle down are the musts. One must have an intrinsic ability to chime in with energy for normal practice. Preparing in instruments should start right off the bat throughout everyday life under a professional mentor. You need to then prepare independently to connect more with the music and the instrument.

In the end, you should know how to play an instrument of your choice and keep practicing on the same.


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